“From ideology, some media turn a blind eye to the victims of Islamism”

“Any natural compassion for innocent victims is overwhelmed by this occult ideological love”. JOEL SAGET/AFP

FIGAROVOX/CHRONICLE – From the war in Ukraine to the consequences of illegal immigration, the lawyer criticizes a political and media space that refuses to see some facts on ideological grounds.

Gilles-William Goldnadel is a lawyer and essayist. Every week, he translates the news for FigaroVox.

At the time of putting a temporary end to my weekly records due to the summer holidays, I want to try one last time to try to understand the fools.

My reader knows very well that I question the mental health of contemporary collective psychology. It’s not that I don’t consider the universe of the human mind reasonable, but I know a quick rush to nothing for various reasons that I try to put in my order. Media Neuroses: How the World Became a Chaotic Mob (Plon) with the help of the analyzes of Freud and Le Bon.

My reflections at the end of time will focus on two sets of major politico-media behaviors that I consider meaningless but for which I will attempt to provide not a rational definition but a rational explanation of ideology.

The West in general, France in particular and patriotic France in particular, continue to inspire the rest of the French with a critical spirit sharpened to the point of insensitivity.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

My first perplexing question concerns the collective vision of the Ukrainian conflict. More precisely, I will not stop asking myself the reasons, in my opinion very unreasonable, that can explain that the same people who show a sometimes selective history hypermnesia to continue to give part of the French entitled sepia petainism, look at the Azov battalion with dazzling admiration even though some of its members now wear the dreaded paranazi insignia. This pointless difference in the treatment of space, which has no meaning in time, finds its explanatory meaning only because the West in general, France in particular and especially patriotic France, continue to encourage the French left to have a sharp critical mind to the point of absurdity. .

I am ashamed to say that the aforementioned reflection has nothing to do with a judgment on the armed initiative of Putin’s Russia in Ukraine, which is difficult to consider as anything other than an unforgivable aggression against a sovereign State .

I take this opportunity to see that these same people have more war-like compassion for the invaded borders of Ukraine than when a Western nation-state like France sees its borders violated every day. As the noble war patriotism of the Other suddenly wears the hideous mask of fierce nationalism when there is a face from the West and especially a French figure underneath.

On the other hand, I accustom my reader to my confusion in this way in which the conventional press hides the information that disturbs it. I call the “hidden authorities” this power of the media to hide such a major truth for the benefit of another more minor but more ideologically amenable one.

A fatal silence in the media, broken only by social networks that allow the victims not to be completely buried in indifferent soil.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

What is common among the seven hundred Catholics killed in Nigeria in the last three months, ten people, white and of all ages, killed by a Syrian last year in Boulder (Colorado), a military doctor who was killed “in the name of God” in Marseille in front of the Catholic school of its children and many French people who in recent weeks have been killed or injured in the streets of France, almost every day, some Eritreans, some Tunisians , some Afghans, others, all or almost all without papers?

A fatal silence in the media, broken only by social networks that allow the victims not to be completely buried in indifferent soil. Networks that allow certain news channels – or the Figaro to place the victims, with this delay which restrained the heat of popular emotion, under a cold light.

The networks shouted by the occult authorities, angry, that I baptized them with the grateful joke “unfortunate place”. But there is another point of commonality between different people who are deliberately buried under a blanket of oblivion. All are victims of executioners protected by the media. For the ideological fear of giving some advantage to the enemy of radical Islam or the mass and illegal immigration of Islam. So any natural compassion for innocent victims is overwhelmed by this occult ideological bias.

When the human heart is stopped from beating by professional Pavlovian reflexes. This is the meaning we can give to this crazy behavior. We live in irrational times.

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