Courbis defends Tudor… and accuses Sampaoli

Rolland Courbis insisted on defending Igor Tudor despite the rift between the Marseille coach and some OM players. The member of the Dream Team RMC Sport recalled on Monday that the Croatian inherited a complicated situation after the quick departure of Jorge Sampaoli.

One win, one draw and above all three losses. This is OM’s low record during their five warm-up games this summer. Newly appointed after the resignation of Jorge Sampaoli, Igor Tudor faced criticism even before the start of the season and the first day of Ligue 1, next Sunday against Reims at the Stade Vélodrome. The Croatian coach also has to manage the tensions of many players like Gerson or Jordan Amavi. A delegation led by captain Dimitri Payet even asked to see Pablo Longoria to discuss the heavy atmosphere within the group. During his appearance on Monday night at RMC’s After Foot, Rolland Courbis was nevertheless confident for the former defender.

“My point of view is, and for a few weeks, completely different from what I heard and the concerns that may have. worry), estimated the member of the Dream Team RMC Sport. This is not a routine or traditional change of the coach who was fired because the players, fans and journalists didn’t like him anymore. This is a coach who left himself, and who left a group that was used to certain things.”

Courbis defended Tudor but accused Sampaoli

Appointed a few days after the apparent departure of Jorge Sampaoli, Igor Tudor was an option for Pablo Longoria. The former defender of Juventus and Vatrenis is not responsible for the current situation of the Marseille club according to coach Courbis.

“Tudor, he is never a messiah or a magician. If Tudor does not have problems I would be surprised in this context. He has a problem with three or four important players who regret a coach who left, adding that estimated the one who coached Marseille between 1997 and 1999. I especially target Jorge Sampaoli to leave… I don’t say like a thief but he left. Why did he leave? I don’t know.”

Courbis fears a “betrayal” from Sampaoli

Instead of turning Igor Tudor into a scapegoat for Marseille supporters, the consultant preferred to remember the impact of Jorge Sampaoli’s departure. An Argentinian coach suspected by Rolland Courbis who resigned to quickly rise to the head of another team.

“We can’t condemn Igor Tudor who took a very complicated sequel. About Jorge Sampaoli, not that as I get older I doubt more, but maybe yes. I look forward to it. what will happen in the next weeks. Because if I can see Jorge Sampaoli signing in two weeks or three weeks for another club… A club that is interested in him because he is out of contract at all with Olympique de Marseille… I see things that has a slightly more twisted mind, I think he may have left to go to another club. And I called it a betrayal.”

“Surprised Tudor had trouble with only four players”

Coming to compensate for the departure of Jorge Sampaoli, Igor Tudor should be compared to his predecessor. A comparison that has no place since the Croatian inherited a group while the Argentinian formed it by hand.

“Speaking of Tudor, every time we compare him to Sampaoli which for me is forbidden to compare, Rolland Courbis is chained. I already know who I will defend. This Tudor I will defend him.”

And the After Foot coach concluded by summarizing Igor Tudor’s situation at OM with a touch of humor: “Now you have Tudor leading a group that is absolutely not We will see the end of the transfer window, if there is a team that looks like Tudor wants, and not a team with four players who regret their relationship, the consultant RMC Sport further estimates. […] Let’s wait a bit. I’m even surprised that he has a problem with only four OM players.”

Jean-Guy Lebreton with RMC

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