Bullet Train: Brad Pitt is more fun and deadly than ever in this action comedy

news culture Bullet Train: Brad Pitt is more fun and deadly than ever in this action comedy

Brad Pitt returns to the cinema in 2022 after his earthly cameo in The Secret of the Lost City and his epic on the edge of the solar system in Ad Astra. An audience of stars joined him on the Bullet Train this summer to kill themselves with joy and laughter during the journey between Tokyo and Kyoto. The trip promises to be colorful.


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Bullet Train in a nutshell

The Bullet Train is an American film directed by David Leitch, which you surely know for Atomic Blonde (2017), Deadpool 2 (2018) and Hobbs & Shaw (2019), and was written by Zak Olkewicz (Fear Street – Part 2: 1978). This action comedy takes the concept developed in the Japanese short story Maria Beetle (Bullet Train in its English title) written by Kotaro Isaka. The feature film The Bullet Train by Junya Sato released in 1975 is completely disconnected from the scheduled August 3, 2022 in French cinemas.

The story focuses on the character of Coccinelle (Ladybug in the original version), a very unlucky assassin, but determined to successfully accomplish her new mission. However, his legendary bad luck strikes again and pushes him to board the fastest train in the world, a train where the most terrifying killers in the business meet. Bullet Train is carried by a five-star cast. Along with Brad Pitt are Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Shannon and Benito A Martínez Ocasio.

JV opposite director David Leitch

The Bullet Train team disembarked at the Paris station as part of the film’s promotional campaign to attend the preview in Paris. It was an opportunity for the JV editorial staff to share a few minutes with director David Leitch.

What was the creative spark at the beginning of the project?

I thought the characters were very interesting. At the very beginning, the first time I read the story, I wasn’t completely convinced. Kelly, my production partner, showed me the book. He told me it was amazing, very original, and I really needed to learn everything. It’s complicated for me. How do you make seven sociopaths compatible? The book is very dark, very satirical, and I wanted to make it a little bit funny. I am inspired by many things…romance movies, Jackie Chan movies. This allowed me to include more humor in the story. I’m really inspired by a lot of things. – David Leitch (director – Bullet Train)

Among the great directors, which one inspires you?

I am influenced by many directors… Being a cinephile allows me to wink a lot in my film. I love Guy Ritchie’s work. There are some lively and funny dialogues between Lemon and Tangerine similar to Arnaques, Crimes et Botanique or Snatch, for example. I really tried to find my own style in this crazy world, to give it a little humor, a little Jackie Chan action, and it became my own style. – David Leitch (director – Bullet Train)

Are you influenced by Bullet Train video games?

I don’t know if video games in particular influenced us. Anime, graphic novels… Yes, all that definitely inspires me. There are a lot of pop culture references, but I don’t know if you could say that video games in particular inspire me.

We were inspired by Japanese anime. (…) Although in this case, we started from a short story, and not from a graphic novel. The movie was filmed partly in studios, not in Tokyo. We then told ourselves the following thing: “if we want to create a realistic version of the place, let’s study Japanese pop-culture”. This is where the film took its final form. – David Leitch (director – Bullet Train)

Bullet Train: Brad Pitt is more fun and deadly than ever in this action comedy

High speed entertainment

Bullet Train, with a high-flying cast and a synopsis that can be summed up as “He’s on a train. it’s wrong!”, seems consensual, primarily responding to the general public. worn out Hollywood stars. On the contrary, the film somehow honors cinema all the punchlines and controlled brutality of director Guy Ritchie (Scams, Crime and Botany – Snatch – Sherlock Holmes – The Gentlemen).

Brad Pitt and his traveling companions had a blast, responding to the fight – it was mixing at high speed – and shaking the lunar wads. Sometimes surprising, but still expected, the story can be appreciated for what it is… a violent ride under sour candy, a moment out of time at 603 km/h where causality plays with the characters and their fate. The Bullet Train does not waste blood or hemoglobin and is repainted with the supposed joy of the Shinkansen cars in a bright red. In other words, the film will not be placed in front of everyone (as a reminder, it is prohibited for children under 12). In fact, it should strike a chord with the most sensitive viewers and terrify haematophobes.

Angry, tough, irreverent, methodical and very entertaining, this thriller ticks the boxes of perfect entertainment, which sometimes dares to go outside the street and knows how to give substance to its verbal and physical exchanges. The action scenes are smoothly conducted, brutal at will and driven by a creativity that exploits 100% of the narrow space of the train and the things that are there. This ability to constantly transform itself is like characters traveling on a train. The performances of the actors and actresses, often on the verge of breaking apart as their personality traits are over-emphasized, breathe life into this moving procession of broken limbs. Bullet Train is high-speed fun!

Bullet Train: Brad Pitt is more fun and deadly than ever in this action comedy

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