American Couple Living Under Fake Identities May Be Spying For Russians

Get the identities of dead children to spy on? A scary idea seems to have adopted two Americans, arrested in Hawaii where they live, Thursday, July 28, 2022, and charged with identity theft and conspiracy against the government. Although the indictment does not say espionage, Walter Primrose and Gwynn Morrison, born in 1955, may have had ties to the KGB (became the FSB, Russia’s intelligence services, with the fall of the USSR in 1991). Faded Polaroid photos show the couple dressed in the uniform of the Soviet Union’s intelligence service. An invisible ink kit, documents with coded language and maps showing military bases were also found in the search of their home, according to Assistant US Attorney Wayne Myers.

Troublesome trip

Gwynn Morrison, who lived thirty-five years as Julie Lynn Montague (that newborn baby who died three weeks after birth), denied being a spy. For his lawyer, “This is all blown out of proportion. This is government going too far” . But the couple’s journey remains disturbing and very reminiscent of the “sleeper agents” sent to the United States by the Soviets during the Cold War.

After studying together in Texas, they married there in 1980. For unknown reasons, seven years later they assumed the identities of Bobby Fort, who died in 1967 having lived less than three months, and Julie Lyn Montague, two children born and buried in the same place.

The couple later remarried in 1988 under these false identities, but had other possible aliases, according to the Feds. Then, in 1994, the so-called Bobby Fort joined the Coast Guard, where he served for twenty years before working as a contractor for the Ministry of Defense.

Access to strategic information

“The Coast Guard has a unique perspective on our vulnerabilities , said Kevin O’Grady, the Honolulu prosecutor, interviewed by the Australian channel ABC News, especially how to infiltrate the country through ports. » He added that Hawaii, a major military center, is the main target of many acts of espionage and so on “.

Walter Primrose’s false identity also allowed him to obtain documents such as driver’s licenses, passports, Ministry of Defense credentials, and even a secret defense clearance that allowed him access to information. “very valuable to our enemies”, said the Honolulu district attorney.

Another damning detail: as a Pentagon contractor, Primrose had to report all of his foreign trips and failed to do so on several trips to Canada, according to federal prosecutor Claire Connors.

Risk of leakage

Gwynn Morrison, who calls herself Lynn, seems wiser. He works as a parking attendant at a hotel in Waikiki, and teaches children in their neighborhood. One of hers “close associates” however claimed that he lived in Romania when that country was part of the Soviet bloc. Which he also denied.

While waiting for the American justice to explain this activity, – Gwynn Morrison must appear on Tuesday August 2 for the examination of his request for the release of bail -, the federal prosecutors hope that the couple will remain in detention. For them, the risk is high that the couple will run away and go back into hiding.

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