“A completely fake world”: scams, dropshipping … we explain the battle between Booba and influencers

In an interview with Liberation, the rapper Booba positioned himself as a “whistleblower” against the practices of some influencers and called on the public authorities to “react”.

This is Booba’s new battle. The rapper, who is used to battles, fought against the French stars of social networks who “fill their pockets” for the benefit of their subscribers. “Whistleblower”, he denounced to justice what he considered to be “misleading commercial practices” of influencers linked to the dad of the reality TV Magali Berdah, who accused him of harassment, according to his complaints revealed in release and consulted, Friday, July 29, by Agence France-Presse.

A look back at a fight that was born in social networks and turned into a real judicial soap opera, as it is very aptly called. Information on France.

A fake watch as a starting point

The story began in December 2021 when the influencer Marc Blata launched the rumor that “The Duke of Boulogne” wore a fake watch from the luxury watchmaker Richard Mille in a shoot. This is why the rapper decided to take the aim of the scoop hunter, and reveal his “dark” cryptocurrency and trading business, thanks to Marc Blata living luxuriously in Dubai. However, according to Booba and according to the testimonies gathered in the newspaper releasepeople who invest too quickly lose all the amount paid.

Dropshipping of sights

Quickly, the rapper attacked other influencers, such as Dylan Thiry or Maeva Ghennam, who partly based their fortunes on collaboration with dropshipping sites, recalling Information on France. This is a sales system that consists of selling more expensive products, usually of poor quality, bought on Chinese sites such as Alibaba or Aliexpress.

“More than talentless, fostering a culture of emptiness, laziness, and non-payment of their taxes in France, they fool the citizens – especially teenagers – by selling them crap“, the rapper handed over to the newspaper Release.

Regarding Maeva Ghenam, she was also sad: “What surprised me was, for example, when Maeva Ghennam, in her twenties, said on Instagram that she had a 12-year-old girl’s hair done, and that behind of a 50-year-old. -The old surgeon testified. What is that? In fact, it is impossible,” said Booba.

Magali Berdah at the heart of the scandal

Within a few months, Magali Berdah accused Booba of harassment and obtained the opening of an investigation. It has been open to the National Pole for the Fight against Online Hate (PNLH) of the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office since June 1, especially for death threats, harassment through electronic communication, public insults due to origin and sex. , confirmed the Paris prosecutor’s office to our colleagues from Point.

In a press release in mid-July, Magali Berdah criticized Booba for targeting her on social networks for several months “through false and shameful publications”. “Since then, I suffered a lot of online harassment”, with thousands of daily messages, he confides. He then announced that the president of the judicial court ordered the deletion of the rapper’s Instagram account.


“It’s strong, there’s big”. After launching the hashtag #influvoleurs, Booba opened the “Influvoleurs2022” mailbox to collect testimonies from victims of this system.

The singer, whose real name is Élie Yaffa, filed two complaints against X for fraudulent commercial practices and organized fraud, especially involving Shauna Events, one of the most important influencer agencies in France, directed by Magali Berdah. Its goal: to shed light on “true and false” in this environment. “This story is not a battle, it is a demand for justice”, according to the artist.

Their completely fake world must come crashing down

“And when it’s over, I’ll bring oranges to Magali Berdah,” said the rapper.

In any case, the file seems to have made a lot of noise since July 19, the Ministry of the Interior called for the greatest vigilance in the face of online scams, recalling, as reported by Liberation, the existence of ” a task. -national anti-scam force”.

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