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Lenny PINTOR of Troyes during the French Ligue 2 Soccer match between Le Havre and Troyes on January 27, 2020 in Le Havre, France. (Photo by Baptiste Fernandez/Icon Sport)

Saturday night, L’Equipe informed us that Lenny Pintor is close to committing to the Greens. Bought for 5 million euros in 2018 in Brest by ….. the neighbors of Lyon, the player will not enter the plans of Rhone. ASSE intends to recover the player for free. Relatively anonymous, we spoke with Alan Magnin, sports reporter for Est Eclair.

Lenny Pintor landed at Troyes in August 2019 in the form of a first loan if I am not talking nonsense. At the request of Laurent Batlles? What are the expectations of him? Backup? Potential owner?

“LIt was the first year that Lenny Pintor came to Troyes, I don’t know if it was Laurent Batlles’ request, but he really approved his arrival. Like everyone and you now probably, we immediately saw that he was bought for 5 million euros by Lyon. international youth in France. Great hope in France. This is expected. We hope to see a good dribbler who can eliminate a vs. a.”

He appeared 19 times in the Trojan jersey and scored 4 goals. What did he show in this first season of ESTAC? He quickly joined the rotation? Injuries?

“His first season was a bit disappointing. Not a complete starter. He was sometimes started (5 times in his 19 appearances). . I think he had 4 goals in the first season. It was just a important goals where ESTAC won by a goal difference. A disappointing but interesting season from this point of view.”

Lenny PINTOR of Troyes celebrates his goal with teammate Hyunjun SUK during the Ligue 2 match between Caen and Troyes at Stade Michel D’Ornano on February 14, 2020 in Caen, France. (Photo by Aude Alcover/Icon Sport)
The following summer Troyes got a new loan? Laurent Batlles appreciates the player? Obvious potential?

“For his second season, I remember well the off-season. Two wingers were loaned last year: Pintor and Sakho. We know that Laurent Batlles wants to keep one of these two players. Thinking we that this is Sakho. And in fact Lenny Pintor was chosen by Laurent Batlles to take over for one more season. So yes, he appreciated the profile. I also believe that he appreciated the man. If we didn’t know him that well , he can be a bit proud or proud image. But that’s not really the case. I remember he did an interview for Onze Mondial where he announced that he wanted to score 15 goals and give 10 ka pass. It made a bit of noise on the Troyes side. It was a bit of arrogance if I don’t think that was really his anger.

Jimmy GIRAUDON of Troyes Florian TARDIEU of Troyes Yoann SALMIER of Troyes and Lenny PINTOR of Troyes during the Ligue 2 BKT round match between Pau and Troyes on January 23, 2021 in Pau, France. (Photo by Pierre Costabadie/Icon Sport)
He then played 12 games before tearing his cruciate ligaments in February 2021. The year of the ESCATC promotion. He showed himself to his advantage before this serious injury?

“In this second season from a sporting point of view, he will seriously injure his knee in Valenciennes. I feel sad for him because that is the moment when he came back strong. We felt that he exploded. He was completely cut. swing. It was difficult this injury is really for him. His season is over and Troyes will surely not try to keep him. If he hadn’t been injured, we can imagine that ESTAC would have wanted him. His time at Troyes will remain disappointing given the expectations that we put him in and the situation he has. We are talking about a player who is a youth international player for the Blues. He spent a year and a half at Troyes. He didn’t have a whole season and didn’t leave a big mark on Troyes. His first season was cut short because of COVID. His second because of his injury.”

Lenny PINTOR of Troyes during the Ligue 2 match between Caen and Troyes at Stade Michel D’Ornano on February 14, 2020 in Caen, France. (Photo by Aude Alcover/Icon Sport)
A good move for the Greens? After the start of his career, do you see him winning at a high level? An L2 holder or milder?

“I’m curious to see how Batlles uses him in his scheme. I think more on the left line. A bit like what Bouanga did in the second half at Dijon. He has a lot less volume than a Bouanga. C He above all a player for the end zone of the truth. In one against one, he can trigger and make a difference. From there to make him play piston and repeat careers I doubt.

I don’t know where his injury is. I thought that if Laurent Batlles wanted that he would have guarantees related to that. If Saint-Etienne takes him, I don’t think he will be a perfect starter. At least in the beginning. Instead a player returns at the end of the game. He has this quality, we must recognize him. He was fine when he came home. It won’t take him long to get into these games. In 30 minutes it can bring. It can be effective. “

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Many thanks to Alan for his availability

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