Women’s Tour de France and cyclists defend themselves after sexist criticism

JEFF PACHUD / AFP UAE Team ADQ Slovenian rider Urska Pintar (C) sits on the tarmac after a fall during the 2nd stage of the new edition of the Women’s Tour de France cycling race, 136.4 km between Meaux and Provins, on July 25, 2022. ( Photo by (JEFF PACHUD/AFP)


Many cyclists fell in the second stage of the Tour de France Women, July 25, 2022.

TOUR DE FRANCE – Anger is rising. After a 33-year absence, the Women’s Tour de France returns for an eight-stage circuit that ends on Sunday July 31. But since the women hit the road, many sexist and misogynistic comments have been noticed on social media network. Enough to whet the appetites of cyclists and organizers alike.

Sex messages abound especially under fall videos, many and sometimes violent. Witness, for example, this extract posted Thursday, July 28 by French television, which broadcasts the Tour.

“Mdr, but this is the first time they ride a bike or what? What a mess it’s been since the tour started”, “Women want to look a lot like men but there is still too much amateurism in the women’s Tour de France”, “I don’t want to joke about women driving”… Can we read under the publication. Faced with this influx, the channel partially blocked the possibility of commenting on the video.

“The falls are part of the cycling”

“It’s funny (…). We don’t have to justify ourselves. Falls are part of cycling, there always are. We forget very quickly the men’s Tour last year, with many crashes in the first week , like Pontivy “, Tour director and former professional cyclist Marion Rousse reacted to franceinfo. He prefers to focus “95% of people are covered” instead of “The remaining 5%, who enjoy social networks saying that women cannot ride”.

Some cyclists, men or women, also regret the sexist comments of some Internet users and viewers. One of the French women on the Tour, Audrey Cordon-Ragot, for example, responded to Pierre Salviac, a former rugby commentator, who wondered if “women” the “Ready for a competition at this level”.

Offensive return from the runner: “1- We girls are not girls, unless you call runners ‘the boys’ 2- I chose option 2′I didn’t say anything… ”. People who started talking about cycling and venting their frustration because they didn’t wear pants at home! We are in love. »

There were also many crashes in the men’s Tour de France

The same upset for Luxembourger Christine Majerus, also in this Tour de France Women. To show that crashes aren’t just for women, he posted photos of crashes during the men’s Tour de France. They are also not spared from accidents.

Men also defend runners, as Frenchman Alexis Vuillermoz said himself “disappointed” after reading the comments under the video on French television: “Cycling is a difficult and thankless sport … We owe them our respect as men, and encourage the practice of sports in all its forms and whatever the genre!” »

The first Women’s Tour de France ends at the Super Planche des Belles Filles after about 1,000 kilometers of racing. Currently, the Dutch Marianne Vos (Jumbo-Visma) wears the yellow jersey, but no one has decided for the title.

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