What is the best gasoline mower to choose in 2022?

The choice of this tool in the garden can not be improvised. It depends on your budget, but also on the details of your land. Depending, you need to limit yourself to a certain width and / or height of the cut.

The selection of the 10 best thermal mowers of today

FX Fuxtec self-propelled petrol mower: 7 cutting heights and a cleaning assistance system

Self-propelled lawn mower FX Fuxtec – DR

This thermal mower works on a 4-stroke mixture. It has a cutting width of 42 cm and is easy to clean with the EasyClean function. The height of the clearance can be adjusted between 25 and 70 mm if necessary. The self-propelled rear wheels make it easy to go over large surfaces. However, we regret the low capacity of the collection basket (40L).


  • 7 cutting length from 25 to 70 mm;
  • Self-propelled rear wheel;
  • Cleaning assistance system (EasyClean).

The lower :

Alpina AL5 46 A petrol mower: a 60L collection bag for gardens up to 1,200 m2

Alpina AL5 46 A Petrol Lawnmower
Alpina AL5 46 A Petrol Lawnmower – DR

This thermal mower is suitable for large flat gardens, up to 1200 m2. Working with traditional 4-stroke compounds, it has multiple cutting lengths. The sculpted wheels and steel body stand up to unexpected encounters with gravel or rock. If the rear wheel drive wheels offer comfortable use, it should be noted that this model is not self-propelled, it is driven by mechanical propulsion.


  • 6 cutting lengths from 22 to 65 mm;
  • Soft-carrying wheels;
  • 60L collection basket.

The lower:

GLM660X Greencut lawnmower: lightweight equipment with a cutting width of 39 cm

Lawnmower GLM660X Greencut
Lawnmower GLM660X Greencut – DR

Thanks to an electronic ignition, this thermal mower avoids rigid handling. Reserved for small spaces, its cutting width of 39 cm slides into tight spaces. The 4-stroke petrol engine redistributes comfortable power for occasional use. We only regret the cutting lengths available (25, 50, 75 mm) and the fact that the wheels have to be removed to adjust.

lol :

  • Compact and space-saving;
  • Powerful OHV 4-stroke engine;
  • Electronic ignition.

The lower :

  • Only 3 cutting height positions.

EQ2-500 Murray lawn mower: a self-propelled system with a Briggs & Stratton engine

Murray EQ2-500 Lawn Mower
Lawnmower EQ2-500 Murray – DR

Equipped with a powerful engine, this thermal mower can be adjusted to the desired height among the 6 available. With a comfortable 60L collection basket, it also evacuates the cut grass on the back or on the sides. Its cutting width of 46 cm is suitable for small and medium areas. The Briggs & Stratton 500E engine runs on 4-stroke gasoline and meets strict durability tests. The only downside: the assembly of the handle, so complicated that it is repeated.

lol :

  • 6 cutting length from 25 to 75 mm;
  • Mulching functions and side or rear discharge;
  • Powerful and durable 4-stroke engine.

The lower :

  • Complex handle assembly.

GY53LM GoodYear Power lawn mower: 53 cm cutting width and rear-wheel drive

Lawnmower GY53LM GoodYear Power
Lawn mower GY53LM GoodYear Power – DR

This thermal mower model is intended for large gardens, of at least 1,500 m2. The 53cm cutting width collects plenty of grass in the 65L grass catcher with level indicator. The cutting length can be adjusted to one of 7 positions between 25 and 75 mm. The 4-stroke engine ensures efficiency and durability for this garden tool.

lol :

  • Recommended from 1,500 m2 land;
  • 65 L container with level indicator;
  • Torque height adjustable in 7 positions from 25 to 75 mm.

The lower :

Stihl RM248 lawn mower: ergonomic grip and foldable handlebars

Stihl RM248 lawn mower
Lawnmower RM248 Stihl – DR

Suitable for medium-sized lawns, this Stihl petrol mower is easy to handle. Thanks to a compact design and multiple cutting lengths between 25 and 75 mm, it maintains land up to 1,200 m2. The PVC collection box will not deteriorate over time. Subject to online registration, this model comes with a 5-year domestic warranty.

lol :

  • Foldable handlebar with soft grip;
  • 7 cutting length settings between 25 and 75 mm;
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty to activate.

The lower :

Brast towed petrol mower: a powerful 4-stroke engine and Big Wheeler tires

Brast towed the gasoline mower
Brast – DR towed the petrol mower

This powerful thermal mower allows you to maintain a large area of ​​the garden. The Big Wheeler’s wheels and steel body tackle uneven ground or rocks without risk. The height of the handlebar is adjustable in 3 levels according to the height of the user. This model cuts the grass at the desired length, between 6 levels from 30 to 80 mm. We only blame its weight (30 kg empty), which is sometimes difficult to handle for smaller riders.

lol :

  • 6 cutting length between 30 and 80 mm;
  • Handlebar adjustable in 3 heights;
  • Steel body and big wheels.

The lower :

Nax Power 875EXi series mower: a 75L basket and rotating front wheels

Nax Power 875EXi Series Mower
Nax Power 875EXi Series Mower – DR

Equipped with an independent front wheel system, this thermal mower is suitable for relatively hilly terrain. Its front wheels pivot on themselves to improve trajectory. This model is designed for intensive use in large surface areas. The 75L collection basket can withstand several passes before needing to be emptied. This mower also has discharge and mulching functions.

lol :

  • 6 cutting length between 25 and 75 mm;
  • Mulching functions and side or rear discharge;
  • Front swivel wheels.

The lower :

  • Cutting width 51 cm is not practical in small spaces.

Einhell GC-PM 46/1 S walk-behind petrol mower: space-saving folding and 46 cm cutting width

Einhell GC-PM 46/1 S towed petrol mower
Einhell GC-PM 46/1 S trailed petrol mower – DR

Although it has a comfortable cutting width of 46 cm, this thermal mower is still not large. The handle folds well to save space during storage. The cutting length is adjusted as needed, although more information is welcome. It consumes less fuel and can mow for a long time thanks to a self-propelled system.

lol :

  • 46 cm cutting width;
  • Folding handlebar, saving space;
  • Powerful 4-stroke engine.

The lower :

  • No information on cutting length.

Scheppach MP132-42 petrol mower: 7-position adjustable mowing height and easy cleaning

Petrol mower MP132-42 Scheppach
Petrol mower MP132-42 Scheppach – DR

This thermal lawnmower combines efficiency and practicality thanks to an optimized 45L collection box. More inclined than the classic models, it will be filled with the best. This model can be adjusted to one of the 7 heights available, between 25 and 75 mm. The steel casing resists shocks and possible projections. We only regret the fragility of the protective foam on the handlebars, which requires regular replacement.

lol :

  • 7 cutting length between 25 and 75 mm;
  • Durable steel housing;
  • Tilted and optimized 45L tray.

The lower :

  • Foam handlebar protection.

How to choose a thermal mower?

Many criteria apply to the selection of this garden tool. In addition to the traditional cutting length and width, the weight, the shredding functions or the capacity of the collection bag must be taken into account.

Does a petrol mower need electricity to run?

It all depends on the chosen model. Some run on 100% gasoline, and therefore require ignition manipulation. Some have a battery powered power supply to trigger the start, the power is supplied to the engine mixture.

This selection of the best thermal mowers of today allows you to find the ideal tools to maintain your garden.

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