Seine and Marne. In Gretz-Armainvilliers, these tenants felt abandoned by their landlord

“Gambetta” bar reveals lesions ©JL/RSM77

They are tired. For several months, or longer for some, the inhabitants of the bar called “Gambetta” in Gretz-Armainvilliers (Seine-et-Marne) which is adjacent to the water tower and can no longer afford the N4.

“Everyone collapsed without doing anything. People were wondering if they should stay or not. With these words, Jacques Emile, local representative of CLCVunderstands the association Consumption housing structure of life does not mince his words as for this situation that it qualifies as a “true abandonment of the name of the social lessor”.

Because for him, like many other tenants we met while writing this article, the cup is full. “There are many problems here. And every time, it takes time. Even too much. It often happens that we don’t have answers to our requests and sometimes it takes a turn that can be dramatic”, he explained , referring to the last “big problem” so far, the part of the boiler room that ended up being repaired. a month after the date on which it will enter service, in early November 2021.

“I’m still waiting for an answer”

At the beginning of summer, the tenants decided to sound the alarm to report all the problems they were facing. Others point to humidity problems. This is especially the case for Lionel, whose apartment is plagued by this type of problem. “It’s worse than that. These are real leaks!, he grumbled, pointing to the ceiling of his bathroom and the pipe where traces of rust were visible. We are not safe from the water that comes out of its cracks in a day”.

Renting for more than 20 years, he admits that he has contacted the services of the landlord. “I’m still waiting for an answer,” he said.

It detects intrusions
Seepages were noted in some residences ©JL/RSM77

In an apartment located a few floors below, Didier appeared to “not want to go to his balcony” because of the “collapse of the walls”. In fact, spallings appear on the facade in different areas of the building. “You have confidence when you see that on the walls of your house,” asked the CLCV representative.

And the complaints for the latter are long, listing “poor insulation of the building” or even a slow pruning of trees. “During the day, people easily end up in the dark. You almost have to turn on the lights,” he said.

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At the center of these harsh criticisms, the Lebaudy Foundation. The latter is a social landlord who manages the bar of 40 housing units. Its general manager, Agnes Bladouwants to be clear: “We are not abandoning these tenants,” he sings.

To support his comments, he pointed in particular to the recent creation of a post by a roving guard who visits the site every two weeks. “He’s already met about a dozen people in the area,” he said.

Before continuing: “We are doing everything to listen to them. We also reviewed the framework for the cleaning system at their request. Ditto for trash cans that don’t have lids anymore. They were replaced in June.

Improve communication

Some projects requested by local residents will be phased in, such as replacing letterboxes. “It will be done in September,” guarantees the Lebaudy Foundation.

On the questions of the condition of the facades, the lessor wants to reassure the local residents. “We will file investments in this operation. Waterproof and strong resins will be used to fix these iron thrusts. The work should start in the last quarter.

Finally, Agnès Bladou insists on something. “Everything may not be perfect, but we have a chance to improve, especially in terms of communication with local residents. This is why we think about setting a specific date for the passing of the traveling shepherd. He is a quality person with more than five years of experience. But the local residents still have to go through it”.

Tenants are now waiting for these promises to become concrete. CLCV members called on the municipality, which conducted an on-site visit on July 12. “If nothing is done, let’s knock on the top “, they promised.

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