ONE X PLAYER mini, the Chinese PC-console under Windows 11 that promises more than Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch

The rise of portable PCs/consoles is undeniable, with the integration of the Chinese ONE X PLAYER on a Core i7 1260p. This Windows engine allows you to play Jedi Fallen Order in full HD detail at over 30 frames per second.

He had GPD, then AYA and here is ONE X PLAYER. China is full of small manufacturers who want to play phones that refine, every year, the format of a “Switch” sauce PC. If Steam Deck is THE console / PC with wind in its sails thanks to the power of Valve, these Chinese companies have a double argument of power and versatility.

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Because if the Steam Deck is shown as a console with an in-house OS that can be hijacked (and rather imperfect for that matter), Chinese consoles like this. ONE X PLAYER Mini Gundam Edition real PCs running Windows 11. In other words: just connect it to a screen and your keyboard/mouse kit to transform this console into a desktop PC. With your files, your software and… your games!

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On the front, an 800p (1280×800 pixels) touch screen. At its heart, the high-end ultraportable components: a powerful Core-i7 1260P, 16 GB of LPDDR5 and 1 TB of NVMe SSD. This somewhat explains the price of 1260 dollars… in China. Because once again, to get the gem, it is necessary to go through the import, which increases costs (delivery, VAT at the border) and additional risks. This is the major obstacle to the purchase, after the fact that the brands are completely unknown to the general public.

Xe 96 UE: games run smoothly at 800p

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No GeForce or Radeon, the graphics chip integrated into the 1260P from Intel is the Intel Xe. As the PC processor giant prepares to make the leap into the arena of dedicated GPUs in both towers and laptops with the ARC line, it is worth noting that it is already reliable with iGPUs.

In two generations (IRIS Plus in Icelake 10e gen, and Xe in Tigerlake 11e gen and Alderlake 12e gen), Intel acquired AMD and its Radeon Vega. Less compatible than its AMD competitor, Intel’s chip is nevertheless as powerful, if not usually more powerful than Radeon, even in an eight-core configuration (Vega 8). In the future, RDNA 2 should give AMD an advantage over the Ryzen 6000, but for now, Intel is (finally!) doing a good job with its iGPUs.

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How does this translate to the game? During our very brief introduction to Benjamin, the only Frenchman to get his hands on the precious machine, we were in awe. With the only game installed ” Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order “, our gaming experience… is very limited. But while you have to play with the graphics options to run the game decently on a Core 10e generation, now it’s (almost) open bar.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order runs like a charm and strictly at more than 25fps at 800p, all the details are blown. Some visual sacrifices will allow the game to be pushed between 45 and 60 fps, which suggests a real comfort in playing the most nervous titles. Without losing too much quality: on such a screen, some reflections can hardly be seen as gimmicks for an important supplement of energy consumption.

Configurable power

You can change in real time the TDP of the processor to reduce or increase the power.  A choice that has a direct impact on battery life.  © Adrian BRANCO /
You can change in real time the TDP of the processor to reduce or increase the power. A choice that has a direct impact on battery life. © Adrian BRANCO /

What about autonomy? If you’re told “between 1:40 am and 5:00 am”, you have every right to think you’re being teased… but you’re not. On the one hand, the light or the access and use of the network have a significant impact on the endurance of the on-board 48 Wh battery. But, on the other hand, its Intel Core i7 1260P processor (and its integrated GPU part) can be configured without restarting. Depending on the power requirements of your games – Chrono Trigger SNES on your good old emulator or Cyberpunk 2077 – you can slide the slider from 11 W to 35 W (be careful, the processor is initially qualified for 28 W).

This configurable power is already found in Valve’s Steam Deck. Excluding Nintendo or the return of a possible Sony – which retains full control of their machines (sometimes with good reason!) – it’s a safe bet that if the machine format takes hold, it become a habit for the players to change the power of the machine if necessary. The required difference between the titles is usually from simple to five times depending on the presence of 3D and advanced graphic effects.

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In terms of autonomy, in (high) movement, it is necessary to lower the specification level to stay below 20 W to enjoy two to three hours of games. For metro riding or use in a docked position, the 28-35W modes will give you more punch to your screen/TV. And do not say that the power is not enough to play on a 55-inch TV: you are done. Zelda Breath of the Wild on the Switch under these conditions, and the graphic quality of the Tegra X1 is light years from what a Xe 96 EU can do!

The giants wait, the Chinese work

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As long as no Asus, Dell, Acer or HP hold this type of format, it is really difficult to decide its strength, that only the Chinese players want to develop. However, we can only try to follow the more frequent announcements of new entrants whose names are more like Kamoulox – like AOKZOE, all capitals yes (don’t laugh) – but there are sheets of data that will make your mouth water. The arrival of the Ryzen 6800U whose part of the CPU, but especially the GPU, should push the Steam Deck processor however it is conceivable that there is a bright future for these consoles. Unless it’s in the ARM chips line, like the Snapdragon G3x we told you about in December.

In any case, the Switch has done the job of popularizing the format, Steam has confirmed that you can enjoy your PC game library on the move. But the Chinese of AYA and ONE X PLAYER make the most beautiful machines., and who really draw the (potential) future of a format that has the great advantage that you are not forced to buy games every change. platform!

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