How to get to Lyon airport by bus for only 1.90 euros?

To get to Lyon-Saint-Exupery airport, it is possible to use public transport. Longer trip but cheaper. (© Lyon Airports)

How to get to Lyon-Saint-Exupery airport quickly without spending a lot of money there? One of the main airports in France in terms of the number of passengers served by Rhoneexpressa fast tram that connects the Part-Dieu station in the center of Lyon to the airport within 30 minutes from morning to evening.

But there are other alternatives, cheaper but longer, using the classic TCL tram and bus network for the price of a bus ticket of 1.90 euros or with its subscription.

Tram T3 then bus line 47

One of Rhônexpress’s alternative solutions is to combine the T3 tram and 47 bus line with connections. This line is used by travelers who are not in a hurry but want to save money on their transfer to Lyon-Exupéry airport.

To get to the airport, it is possible to take the T3 tram from the Part-Dieu Villette station to the Meyzieu ZI terminal. Then there is a connection by bus to ride on line 47 to Maréchal Juin. About ten stops later, you should get off at the Aéroport Saint-Exupéry Bus. A few minutes’ walk is enough to reach the airport area.

To summarize: T3 Part-Dieu > Meyzieu ZI then Bus 47 Meyzieu ZI to Saint-Exupéry Airport Bus.

Count on a journey of over 1 hour but at an unbeatable price (1.90 euros one way or included in the TCL subscription).

Metro A, bus 67 and bus 47 or bus 48

Less directly from the A Laurent Bonnevay metro, it is possible to take bus 67 to Meyzieu ZI and bus 47 to Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport. Not very fast, this route allows even to be connected to metro A but like the previous route.

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It is also possible to take the bus line 48 that connects Genas and Lyon Airport.

Rhônexpress, 30 minutes but more expensive

Among the obvious solutions for passengers in a hurry, the most direct way to catch a flight to Lyon is Rhônexpress. The line is direct from Part-Dieu station, fast (30 minutes) and regular (every 15 minutes).

But the rates can cool more than one because the outside travel is charged 16.30 euros (cheaper online).

The Rhônexpress at Lyon Part-Dieu station allows a direct connection to Saint-Exupéry airport.
The Rhônexpress at Lyon Part-Dieu station allows a direct connection to Saint-Exupéry airport. (©Nicolas Zaugra/Actu Lyon)

Towards a reduction in Rhônexpress ticket prices?

While the future East Lyon bus line will not make it easier to get to the airport from Part-Dieu, the Rhône Express remains the fastest and most practical solution. But with a ticket for 16.30 euros, the train that goes to the airport is often criticized for its prices.

“If we go to take the plane, we will not be close to 10 euros”, assures Jean-Charles Kohlhaas. But the ongoing project will make the price more attractive. In September 2023, Sytral will put a tariff system in the zonal network that could lead to the reduction of the Rhône Express, assured the elected official.

“This will democratize the Rhône Express with a more appropriate price”, he said. Although he does not yet know the future price list, he assures that it will be more interesting than renting a parking space for a week at the airport.

This application of tariffs in the zone will actually lead to a reduction in the tariffs of the Rhône Express, according to Jean-Charles Kohlhaas. “There is a fare for the youth (10 euros one way) or for those who have a TGV at the airport station (10 euros as well)”.

A new bus line connecting Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie to the airport will be put into service in 2025 but not all buses will go to the terminal and it will be the service of employees with the privilege of passengers in Saint -Exupéry.

Other solutions are available but more expensive: taxi or VTC for at least 50 euros per trip, own car with parking spaces at the airport, carpooling with applications such as carpooling, long-distance bus, the TGV at the airport station.

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