DIRECT. F1 – GP in Hungary: amazing choice of Ferrari, the race will be carried out and the rain is expected

4:22 pm

Lap 56/70: Charles Leclerc was arrested again, he left wearing red rubber…

4:22 pm

Tower 54/70: George Russell passed Charles Leclerc.

4:18 p.m

Lap 52/70: Lewis Hamilton returned to the pits and Max Verstappen took the lead. He has a great rhythm.

4:09 pm

Round 45/70: Max Verstappen passed Charles Leclerc to take third place.

4:04 p.m

The Red Bull driver started again and wasted no time, taking his place in Charles Leclerc.

4:03 in the afternoon

Tower 42/70: watch out for Verstappen! The Dutchman has already passed Charles Leclerc but he spun in the penultimate corner!

4:02 in the afternoon

Round 40/70: Charles Leclerc returned in his turn to wear hard rubber, a questionable choice if these rubbers do not work for the Alpine riders, he is faster and his rivals are in the medium.

3:59 pm

Tower 39/70: Max Verstappen is back in the pits, at Red Bull so we are not betting on the arrival of rain.

3:57 in the afternoon

Lando Norris said that the grip got worse because it seemed like the rain was getting stronger.

3:56 in the afternoon

Tower 37/70: Charles Leclerc is now driving faster than everyone at 1’23”1. George Russell and Carlos Sainz ride in 1’24.

3:53 in the afternoon

Tower 34/70: Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton were the two fastest on the track at the same pace, they ran 1’23”3, ie between 2 and 4 tenths more than the rest of the top 6.

3:48 in the afternoon

Round 31/70: Charles Leclerc was on the outside in the first corner, he was in the lead.

3:43 in the afternoon

Round 28/70: the Ferrari driver made an initial attack in the first two corners, but Russell was able to fight back.

3:41 pm

Round 27/70: Charles Leclerc came back less than a second from George Russell, he was within DRS range of the Briton.

3:40 in the afternoon

Round 25/70: Esteban Ocon entered the pits with a long stop (4.6 seconds), he came out with Alonso and Ricciardo and had to fight to stop his partner, but Ricciardo passed.

3:38 in the afternoon

🎥 VIDEO. Russell fights back at Ferrari, good move by Hamilton… Back to the start

George Russell started on Sunday, July 31 on pole position in the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix race. Replay the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix on video.

3:34 in the afternoon

Round 21/70: Charles Leclerc is back, Alonso too.

3:29 in the afternoon

Round 18/70: Carlos Sainz returns instead, a strange choice because he is in the medium. Charles Leclerc stayed on the road.

3:27 in the afternoon

Tower 16/70: George Russell is back in the pits, so is Max Verstappen. Both come out of the medium wheel.

3:25 in the afternoon

George Russell was losing pace and Carlos Sainz was getting closer and closer.

3:24 in the afternoon

Round 15/70: Lando Norris was the first to enter the pits with his soft tires.

3:24 in the afternoon

Max Verstappen said on the radio that he had problems with his clutch…

3:22 in the afternoon

Round 13/70: at the front, George Russell still has a two-second advantage over Carlos Sainz, who himself has a one-second advantage over Charles Leclerc.

3:20 in the afternoon

Round 12/70: Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen both passed Lando Norris and fought for 4th place.

3:20 in the afternoon

The standings after 10 rounds:

1. George Russell

2. Carlos Sainz

3. Charles Leclerc

4. Lando Norris

5. Lewis Hamilton

6. Max Verstappen

7. Sergio Perez

8. Esteban Ocon

9. Fernando Alonso

10. Daniel Ricciardo

11. Mick Schumacher

12. Valtteri Bottas

13. Lance Walk

14. Sebastian Vettel

15. Yuki Tsunoda

16. Guanyu Zhou

17. Pierre Gasly

18. Nicholas Latifi

19. Alexander Albon

20. Kevin Magnussen

3:16 p.m

Round 9/70: Sergio Pérez overtook Esteban Ocon in the first corner.

3:15 in the afternoon

Round 7/70: the two Red Bull drivers overtook the Alpines, Verstappen in Ocon for 6th place, Pérez in Alonso for 8th place. Note that the Red Bulls are soft and the Alpines are medium, which explains their better flow.

3:13 in the afternoon

Round 6/70: orange and black flag presented to Kevin Magnussen, who had a problem with his front wing. He had to stop to solve this problem.

3:11 pm

Pilots’ tire choices at the start:

George Russell chose softer compounds unlike the Ferrari drivers, which may explain his good start to the race. Lewis Hamilton also chose medium tires like the Ferraris.

3:09 p.m

Round 4/70: Sergio Pérez informed his team of the engine problem at high revs.

3:08 in the afternoon

Back 3/70: Here we are again and George Russell was very efficient as he had 2.5 seconds on Carlos and took shelter from DRS, while it was authorized.

3:06 in the afternoon

Alexander Albon had his front wing damaged and debris was on the track.

3:05 in the afternoon

🚨 Virtual safety car!

3:05 in the afternoon

Excellent start again from Lewis Hamilton who moved up to 5th.

3:04 in the afternoon

George Russell took the best flight, ahead of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

3:03 in the afternoon

🚥 Let’s go to this Hungarian Grand Prix, the drivers will complete 70 laps!

3:01 pm

♨️ Despite the raindrops, the drivers went the same way for the lap warm-up!

3:00 p.m

🌧️ The rain has started as the warm-up lap is about to start!

2:59 in the afternoon

Pit stop strategies according to Pirelli predictions:

2:58 p.m


Only two drivers since 2006 have won after starting from pole position at the Hungaroring. Lewis Hamilton (2007, 2012, 2013, 2018, 2020) and Sebastian Vettel (2017). Is George Russell the third?

2:55 in the afternoon


Since 2017, the Hungarian Grand Prix has seen over 20 overtaking events on average per race, placing it in the low average of circuits on the calendar. Should we expect a tough race for Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez?

2:48 p.m

🎥 Experience a tour of the Hungaroring using the on-board camera

Wondering what the Hungaroring circuit lap looks like for the drivers? Experience a virtual tour using the onboard camera aboard the Alpine in the Assetto Corsa game.

2:45 in the afternoon

📰 Pierre Gasly was forced to leave the pit lane

After changing the elements of the power unit of his single-seater without asking permission in advance, as stipulated in the Formula 1 regulations, the Frenchman Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) had to start from the pit lane. A bit too bad as he had to start 19th after a disappointing qualifying.

2:43 in the afternoon


In his first career pole position, George Russell is the third new poleman of this 2022 season after Sergio Pérez (Saudi Arabia) and Carlos Sainz (England). This is the first time since 2008 that so many new drivers have won pole position in the category.

2:36 in the afternoon

📋 Hungaroring: speed, track, records… All you need to know about the Hungarian GP track

Inaugurated in 1986, the Hungaroring in Mogyoród, near Budapest, has not left the world championship calendar since the first race of the same year. Its short and moderately fast profile makes overtaking and also physical opportunities difficult for pilots, who generally appreciate it all the same. Speed, layout, records… Here’s everything you need to know about the circuit that hosts the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix.

2:29 in the afternoon

📰 First pole for the suffering of Russell, Red Bulls and Verstappen

Big surprises at the Hungaroring, during the qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix of F1! Briton George Russell (Mercedes) took the first pole position of his career, ahead of the Ferraris of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc. For Red Bull, it was a bad day since Sergio Pérez started 11th and Max Verstappen 10th.

1:39 p.m

Hello everyone and welcome to our live from the Hungarian Grand Prix. The drivers have an appointment at the Hungaroring circuit for a good fight on paper. Departure at 3 pm.

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