Covid19. New Zealand has reopened its borders, which countries are still closed?

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, many countries have closed their borders. The lifting of restrictions is done gradually in each country, with its own conditions.

More than two years ago, New Zealand fully opened its borders to foreign nationals from this Monday, August 1. But some countries, which still intend to contain any epidemic outbreak within in their territory, still dividing themselves. Who are these last refractories?

New Zealand will reopen on August 1

New Zealand got there slowly. Two years after closing its borders, the country partially reopened on May 2. On this date, only tourists from 60 visa-free countries, such as members of the European Union (EU), United States or Canada are concerned. A general opening of the borders was initially scheduled for October 1, but the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern finally decided to proceed with the end of the restrictions on August 1.

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In particular because the closing of the borders began to weigh on the country’s economic growth. The archipelago in any case can be proud of recording one of the lowest rates of deaths related to the coronavirus in developed countries, with 1,697 deaths (out of 5 million inhabitants) since the beginning of the pandemic.

Japan is only open to organized groups

Closed for nearly two years as well, Japan began to lift these restrictions just a few months ago. As of March 1, 2022, certain categories of people have been able to “Re-entering the territory of Japan for a short or long stay justified by a professional reason (work visa, students) as long as they can justify a certificate of acceptance or management of an organization located in the territory of Japan (company, university, etc.)”is it shown on the site of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On June 1, Japanese authorities authorized a quota of 20,000 entries per day for tourists. Then on June 10, Japan continued to slowly issue tourist visas, “provided that persons who wish to travel to Japan are part of a group directly organized or associated with a tourist agency established in Japan that can act as a guarantor when applying for a visa through ERFS method (Entrants, Returnees, Follow-up System)”, specified the place of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The conditions still apply today.

The borders of China and Taiwan are still closed except for nationals

Known for its “zero Covid” policy, China has still not opened its borders to tourists since March 2020. And Chinese nationals living abroad face heavy restrictions if they want to return to the country. For more than two years, they were actually quarantined for twenty-one days, before it was reduced to ten days (seven days at the hotel and three at his house) on June 28, 2022. This is not about on “Not a relaxation at all” in health policy but in a “adjustment”warned a Chinese official.

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However, the site of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs specifies on its site that “Foreigners who need to go to China for urgent reasons can submit visa applications to the Chinese embassies and consulates where they belong. The issuance of a visa for China is at the sole discretion of to the Chinese authorities”. For aliens who have received permission, “Two PCR tests within 48 hours before boarding at different laboratories” required, further specifying the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “The second test must be done within 24 hours before boarding”. A strict quarantine was also imposed upon arrival.

For its part, Taiwan has also enforced the entry ban on foreigners until now. As of June 15, 2022, “Only Taiwanese, their spouses and minor children as well as holders of a residence permit (ARC, APRC, diplomatic card) or a visa issued for professional or humanitarian reasons which is reasonable (excluding tourism)”indicates the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Taiwan health authorities have additionally imposed a PCR test on saliva upon landing in Taipei, as well as one or more self-antigen tests during quarantine”, is it also written. The quarantine is for three days, where “It adds 4 days of self-monitoring where a negative self-test in less than 48 hours allows you to go out for essential reasons (go to work, make a basic shopping), but don’t go to public places. very popular ».

Turkmenistan is completely locked down

Finally, Turkmenistan is currently forbidden to anyone from outside the country, without exception. “Currently there are no regular air links connecting Turkmenistan to the rest of the world and the issuance of visas for Turkmenistan is suspended by the Turkmen authorities until further notice”informed the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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