Zion Williamson could see his contract reduced if he gets too … big

Three weeks after officially signing his XXL extension with the Pelicans on his birthday, Zion Williamson is starting to see the small – but oh so important – details of his new contract revealed to the press. Among them, Christian Clark of Picayune period it is explained in particular that the young star will undergo regular tests, such as weighing, to keep Thanos under a limit of weight and body fat, otherwise his wallet will be directly targeted.

From the opening of Free Agency 2022, the news quickly fell: at a cost of 193 million dollars, Zion Williamson will sign a five-year extension in New Orleans. So yeah, sure, for a guy who only played 85 games over three seasons, it seems a little… let’s say presumptuous. But that’s ignoring the potential of the hottest prospect we’ve had since LeBron James. A little reminder, for his second season, and while he is still hampered by injuries, Zion shot 27/7 on 61% shooting. Not bad right? The Pelicans them, in any case not forgotten. In this way, the latter wants to add clauses that allow them to go up to 231 million dollars in the same period if Thanos joins an All-NBA Team, becomes DPOY or becomes MVP next season. But the franchise isn’t completely blind either. In fact, NOLA did not forget the ability of their nugget to abuse snacks and thus become extremely, however, easily injured. So while there are ways for Williamson to improve his extension, it could also be diminished by others. According to Christian Clark of Picayune periodif Zion’s weight and body fat percentage exceeds 295 lbs (about 134 kilograms), then the amount of the child’s contract will be reduced. It’s very simple: the Pelicans are only asking for guarantees that human health will remain stable and not exceed, as has already happened …

A few months ago, Bleacher Report admitted that Williamson weighed over 136 (300 lbs) kilos. The kind of information that the staff and the front office in New Orleans don’t want to hear about again. To achieve the goal set in his contract, Zion can no longer risk reaching 130 (285 lbs) kilos on the scale. Granted, the measure is only an incentive, but given the man’s motivation to return to strength and the financial risks of wanting to play with fire, we can undoubtedly imagine that the former Dukie will do everything to keep in shape. These clauses are also reminiscent of those included in Boris Diaw’s contract with Spurs and push Babac to drop below the 115 kg mark to receive up to 500,000 dollars in bonuses. Well, this “bonus” system clearly works better with small contracts like Frenchman at the time, but maybe not so much with boys like Zion who will receive astronomical amounts anyway, and who a “malus” system can be more. strict. Without knowing the exact amount of the financial penalties, one can easily imagine that they will number in the millions of dollars. Currently, Williamson is listed at 128.8 kilos (285 lbs) in the Pelicans, so we must continue to work to reduce this weight, which remains a critical factor in avoiding repeated injuries.

The New Orleans franchise is well aware that it has gold in its ranks. With an Ingram – McCollum – Williamson trio surrounded by lieutenants like Valanciunas, Graham, Alvarado, Nance Jr. and then golden children to develop (Jones, Murphy, Liddell)… the Pels can approach the future with strong expectations. However, it is difficult to reach a milestone without Zion exceeding his abilities. So the staff is ready to closely monitor the body of Thanos, who has no right to be wrong in this aspect.

Text source: NBC Sports / Sports Illustrated / NOLA.com

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