Trainers’ opinion for Quinté on Saturday July 30, 2022

Interviews with coaches for the Dominique Savary Prize in Enghien

Stéphane Meunier: Eva Madrik (1) had to negotiate the course in the nose of the wind last time. Despite everything, he fought well until the end. This race is close, but he has recovered and should still be at the top. We are better in lane 1. If he repeats his work in the morning, he will have a regular chance.

Laurent Verva: Diego du Houlet (2) ran well again recently in the meadows of Montier-en-Der. In the process, he identified an ideal commitment to the income ceiling. The pace in Paris was more sustainable but he took third place, in a very good time, on this course in March, faced as this Saturday. I can’t defer. A place remains to be reached.

Charles Julien Bigeon: Emperor The Best (3) not at its best this winter. He was entitled to a vacation before regaining his morale on the grassy trails. It has recently returned to the success of La Gacilly and will therefore show itself at its best. We had to go faster on Saturday, but the entry was favorable and he started on the front line. He is not in the business for places.

Sylvain Roger: Gold Lightning (4) there was bad luck in the quinté last Saturday. He found himself stuck on the rope and could have been much closer if he had been able to express himself fully. He stayed on top and found the same conditions. I hope this time is better. If so, he should play good roles in this quinté.

Emmanuel Varin: Fine Love Pearls (5) played his game well last week on this course. I was really satisfied with his second place. This race comes a little early in its program, but it can run every week if I want to. I chose this commitment rather than staying away from the provinces. Falco Berry is the horse to beat. He has to finish on the podium.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Falco Berry (7) they played very well in La Rochelle recently. He hasn’t lost any good form since training. Enghien’s flat profile is in his favor. I will give him blinkers for the occasion. He has the first chance.

Pierre Belloche: Neon Meslois (8) more efficient under saddle and this outing will allow him to stay in good condition while waiting for the next mounted trotting races. In the hitch, he can stand a day by taking off the shoes for a long distance. On Saturday it is best to watch him only run.

Julien Le Mer: Daughter of the Oak (9) proved that he is back to the best of his ability by taking third place in the quinté on Saturday, in this short distance that he especially values. He saw similar circumstances. True, he started on the second line but behind Evita Madrik’s pace. He had to confirm.

Marius Coignard: Fynio du Pommereux (10) had a good race to get his irons back in Graignes. This race will do him good for this entry. We are in the second line but inside. He needs the right race, where he knows how to finish his course. He is in good condition and ready to defend his chances as much as possible. Plus, flat track, he’s in his business. It’s a competition to fight to the finish.

Frank Terry: More Châtelet (11) well done last week. He found himself a bit distant but finished well as he knew how to do. He recovered well for his efforts. The opposition is similar. Fille du Chêne and Fine Perle of Love should be feared. We are again in the second line but further inside. It has its place in the end.

Arnaud Desmottes: Fort Deo (12) found himself too far from the final sprint recently. Previously, he held his game well at the Moulin-la-Marche. He is not always decisive and lacks experience in this type of track. Starting from the second row, he had to take advantage of the favorable conditions to grab fifth place.

Hugues Montulé: Excel in Love (13) uncomfortable with Pornichet. It may happen to him to achieve counter-performances. I thought I was on the front line of the base. There, together with 13, must compose. 2,150 meters suits him, as does the Enghien track. The planets should be arranged. He can put himself.

Christopher Martens: Elmagnifico de Lou (14) should be stopped a little at the beginning of the year. He seems very good at work at the moment and is ready to make a good comeback. Now, it is really difficult to assess his form level. He doesn’t work hard. However, it is always good to be fresh. He’s not 100%, that’s for sure, but he can fight for the finish. He has a level.

Philippe Daugeard: Three in Colleville (15) returned twenty-five meters to Pornichet and made a mistake at the first turn. It used to be hard to come back even if he didn’t deserve it. He has nothing to extend. By starting in the second row, he should benefit from a very favorable race course to disrupt the fifth.

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