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A year and a half after Bright Memory, which was a very fast game, the Chinese studio FYQD finally allowed us to play Bright Memory: Infinite, which was released on 07/21/2022 in the Xbox store. So let’s discover the story of Shelia Tan, which happened in the year 2036, after a strange event happened in the sky around the world. How is the story going, is the game still fast, will the graphics with Ray Tracing, which was already in the first game, still dazzle us? All information now!

Shelia Tan to the rescue

We start this test by talking about menus. Four options are available: New game, Start a selected scene, Skins and Settings. An interesting thing, we have access in the Skins menu to many options when it comes to outfits and colors of our weapons. For those who opt for the Platinum version of the title, everything will be unlocked, for others, it is necessary to complete some challenges to get it. It’s nice to be able to choose, in the Settings menu, whether or not to activate Ray Tracing, vertical synchronization (Vsync), as well as the frame rate of 120 frames per second. Of course, we can choose at the start of the game a game difficulty between Easy, Violent, Vengeance and Hell, the latter being unlocked after finishing the game on Vengeance difficulty. So we start with Violent, difficulty by default, to get the most out of the story.

A frightening event

The story begins on January 27, 2036, the first day of the Chinese year. As fireworks light up the rainy sky, Shelia, our heroine, enjoys the view and a day of rest. But it doesn’t last, because a call from Director Chen, boss of the SRO (Supernatural Science Research Organization), asks us to go and investigate urgently a scary meteorological phenomenon. Unfortunately, he also confirmed that the unit of General Lin, commander-in-chief of the SAI and which surpasses the SRO in terms of technology, is already there. Following a short QTE sequence, we discover a huge black hole in the sky, absorbing everything around it. The director told us that our friend Wake was already there, waiting for us in the meeting room. Then begins a combat phase followed by others, serving the entire first level of the tutorial.

A sword, power and gun: that’s great!

Bright Memory: Infinite is generally the same as its predecessor, that is an FPS with hyper dynamic battles, where we run and jump in all directions. But many things have changed since then. First, defense has been upgraded, because in addition to dodging, it is now possible to reflect enemy attacks and projectiles with your sword. Then Shelia’s powers are different. In fact, its Exo-arm allows the use of an IEM that sends our enemies flying, to use a tractor beam and even to gather energy to burn or immobilize our enemies.

New: special ammunition

The Lumi-blade also received changes. From now on, it must be developed to release its sharp waves. But that’s not all, because in addition to the Aerial Slice that projects the enemy in the air and the Giant Slash that deploys a spinning sharp wave, there is a new power: The Earth Slice. This allows us to gather energy in our blade, and to release an attack in the area that causes damage and sends our opponents to float. Another change, the timer gauge for powers is gone, replaced by a gauge that decreases according to the use of powers, which allows combos to be chained at breakneck speed. And finally, special bullets make their appearance, scattered here and there on the tables, to increase the game even more! Also note that some passages of the game require us to remain hidden, while there is the possibility to kill our enemies secretly, and to drive a car while shooting everything that moves. To perfect our “little” arsenal, we must of course snoop through the levels.

It smells like progress!

Destroyable crates set our path, some of them contain relics, a small blue halo, and we are often forced to play yamakasis to discover some crates hidden in the landscape. If we collect ten relics, we will automatically get a reliquary, which will allow us to unlock or improve our weapons. For those incessantly looking for paintings, it seems that the reliquaries are scattered in all kinds of places!

Perfection does not…

We also need to tell you about some minor problems encountered during testing. Many game crashes occur during combat stages, and often before checkpoints. Despite clearing the console cache, the issue occurred several times. Also a strange thing, during the fight against the second boss, after a terrible death, we are treated with a rather long loading, then we return to the beginning of the chapter. Half an hour of play was wasted in a way… The game will end in Brutal difficulty in three hours, which is more than 45 minutes of his senior. In the end, the story is non-existent and we don’t really understand where the creator of the game is coming from, too bad.

As for the soundtrack, the music is rhythmic during the fights, which completely stays in the situation, and the surrounding noises completely immerse us in the atmosphere of the game. As for the graphics, the game is absolutely sublime. Everything has become better than during the first Bright Memory, released a year and a half ago, but also more visually violent. In fact, our enemies can cut their arms during some combos, or even completely reduced to a pulp, promising liters and liters of hemoglobin on the screen! Shelia also benefits from a bit of a visual facelift, with a more worked face, and more attractive female forms.

For achievement hunters, the only real difficulty is ending the game on Hell difficulty. For everything, you have to be patient to kill a significant number of enemies with each weapon and power, by ending a game again, or by restarting a checkpoint in a loop, because everything is counted. For information, we opened the 575 G, in a game with ease.

Tested on Xbox Series X (optimized version)

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