Product note: children’s favorite dish contaminated with listeria, do not eat it!

We’ve heard a lot of product recalls lately. Moreover, it affects most of the time popular food products. This forces consumers to make concessions in spite of themselves. This time again, Rappel Conso is alerting consumers to the possible contamination of Listeria in a branded product. So it should avoid consuming it.

Listeria would have contaminated a batch of chicken nuggets

There have been several product recalls recently. This is about many products such as tortilla chips or pork skewers. Also frozen raspberries and organic dry ham.

Fortunately Reminder to drink is there to inform people. In addition, the platform has just launched a new alert about another popular product. Children and students have to do without this food product.

Indeed, it is soa batch of chicken nuggets of the Maître coq brand is contaminated with Listeria. Many supermarkets in France sell these chicken nuggets. These brands should remove this set of products from their shelves. And consumers who have bought it should not eat it.

The recall is about a particular batch

These chicken nuggets are sold in 1 kg plastic trays. Many distributors sell these products from the Maître Coq brand all over France. We can mention Carrefour, Casino, Provera and others.

These supermarkets began distributing this product on July 22, 2022. However, recently, these products have been the subject ofa method of recall. This procedure is for a particular lot.

In fact, distributors sell it under the batch 2P22201 and GTN 3230890027529. According to Rappel Conso, this recall procedure ends on August 11, 2022. August 12, 2022 is the expiration date of the chicken nuggets.

Conso reminder, remember, is the government site responsible for identifying finished products to be recalled.

Conso Reminder Advice

Obviously, due to the popularity of the food product, many people may have bought it. If this is your case, Rappel Conso prohibits you from consuming it. Therefore the first instinct to have.

The government site explains that it should destroy the product. He also advised contacting consumer services for more information. Note that it is possible to get payment in the form of coupons.


It goes without saying that if we buy a food product, it is to eat it. Therefore, it is likely that some have exhausted it. In this case, Rappel Conso recommends that they immediately see a doctor.

Symptoms and people at risk

In addition, Rappel Conso reminded symptoms to watch out for after consuming products contaminated with listeria.

Therefore, people who eat these chicken nuggets should be careful fever. It can be separated or accompanied by headache and body ache. If these symptoms appear, these people should consult a doctor immediately.

It should also be remembered that in people at risk, the effects of contamination be serious. In a pregnant woman, for example, neurological complications can happen.

Also, it can victim of maternal or fetal harm. They are also part of the people at risk, the elderly and the immunocompromised. These people who are at risk should be especially careful with these symptoms.

This bacterial agent resists the cold

Contamination with Listeria bacteria causes the disease listeriosis. This can be very serious. Reasons why food products should be avoided contaminated with listeria.

However, it takes a high enough dose to really hurt. This bacterial agent living around and in the digestive tract of animals. If this bacterial agent contaminates the food, it does not affect its appearance.

That’s why you don’t see any mold or other changes in the food. He continued an exciting appearance with the same smell and taste. It should also be noted that this bacterial agent is not resistant to cold. This resistance allows it to survive in a freezer.

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