Patrick Bruel: “I am happy to invest myself here, to honor this little Provence that adopted us”

Patrick Bruel welcomes Midi Libre in the middle of summer, at his home in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. Products made in his land, experiences, hotels, albums, series… he reveals his projects.

You can always escape, between two concerts, to these lands of Provence, to Isle-sur-le-Sorgue. What are you looking for here?

I feel good. And I’m happy to share it with my family, my friends. I am happy that this anchor point is located between two important places in my life, my French roots and my North African roots: where I was born, Algeria and where I live, which is Paris.

With this happiness, too, that now feels a little at home in Provence. On July 20, during my concert in Carpentras, for the first time in my life, I really had the impression that I was the local stage. I’m really happy about that. And then, for my children too, this place is a sign, they are roots. I am happy that they come here, they welcome their friends, they are at home, they are proud when we taste their olive oil and all the products of the Leos estate (a name born from the reduction by their first names Léon and Oscar , Editor’s note).

Domain where you are currently developing an entire ecosystem…

We started from a small olive and we came to a wonderful adventure that covers many things… Starting with olive oil, we are interested in the benefits of the olive leaf, through cosmetics, agri-food. After the honey, we worked on the lavender and jam that came from my love of thyme.

I put it everywhere in the kitchen, in desserts… During the imprisonment, I did not stop cooking in Paris with this thyme that my mother grew from here. We do these jams with a workshop located two kilometers from here (and composed of people with disabilities, Ed).

You also work for a local association that works for the reunification of the unemployed.

Yes the Clé des champs, who participated in the harvest. We also made an agreement with the agricultural school of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, to plant, clear brush … This gives a very interesting exchange to students. I try to invest myself in this territory, with its actors and I want to spend more time there.

The first wine was born in these lands, a rosé that bears the name of your mother, Augusta. Will other cuvées come out?

Yes, we are preparing a red wine for three years, it is for September 2024. But it is a long-term work, my children, or maybe their children or grandchildren will be a day there is a very good wine in this place. The terroir is so promising, crazy! And then there is a white wine, maybe before the red.

Do you have another project?

Yes, we are currently working on a tapenade project, on a vegetable garden, on an aromatic herb garden… We want to develop our agri-food range, but it must be reasonable and fit the standard.

A hotel will also open in April 2024 at the entrance of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, in Porte-des-Bouïgas, with 49 rooms and a level of 5 stars, it is an access point that there is a restaurant, good. -with a Spa Wellness, but also an area open to the town and which will bring the identity, tradition and specificity of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. We want to make this a place of experiences.

I am happy to invest myself here and honor the small town and this Provence that adopted us, my family and I, for fifteen years, I want to give it back to them.

This dimension of the businessman behind the singer, the actor, is it more of a place now?

No, I remain an artist first and foremost, but I am enthusiastic, I like to do things in many places, in the emotional sense of the term, I always surround myself with very close people, people who are capable and in whom I trust (especially the former owners of the house, Joël and Carole Gayet, who accompany him in his projects, letter to the Editor).

I also have a competitive side, in everything I do I try to do my best, to strive for excellence and it is true that H oil from Leos has been at the top of all national and international competitions for five years (54 medals, including 23 gold medals, editor’s note). It was a lot of work and thought with an amazing team.

And then I like to see how it happens, I like to be close to this land and taste what is planted there, it’s a crazy feeling. Whenever we go to friends who make their own wine, oil, jam, tomato sauce, or whatever, there is always something really beautiful. Renaud came to have dinner here one day, he brought me a crate with fruits and vegetables from his garden, he was very proud, very happy, from the beginning we had it, we didn’t start. do anything, it affects me.

This Provençal setting is driven by an endless burst of projects… Do you find it difficult to remain inactive?

I love it when I can. But it’s true that at this moment between the end of the album, the end of the tour and all the teachers who have impressed me, it’s not on the agenda (laughs). I will be back to normal life soon. I want to spend a little time for my loved ones, for me.

But from actor to singer, from olive oil to poker, from football to chess, I’ve never been a hobbyist in my life and that’s why I’m always working, at least I’ve been able to my best I didn’t succeed at everything, but I always did everything perfectly.


Michel Drucker said this: “Among the great French stars, there was Johnny, Cloclo. Today, there is Bruel.” Singer, actor on boards like the big screen, poker player in his free time crowned with the equivalent of a world champion title, Patrick Bruel is a multi-card artist also known for his commitment within Enfoirés troupe, where he broke all attendance records. Born on May 14, 1959 in Tlemcem (Algeria), father of two sons, Oscar, born in 2003 and Léon, born in 2005, Patrick Bruel divides his time between Paris, Provence and the United States.

This house is also a place to make music…

Yes, I wrote a lot of songs on this piano, I worked there in the summer, there I will do the final finishing touches for my new album.

When will it come out?

On November 18, the first single will be released on August 26.

How did you experience your public reunion in Occitania, on July 18 in Alès?

That was noble. Something happened, there was this atmosphere, these arenas, this air of freedom. It was a wonderful exchange. This will be one of my best concerts.

The tour is almost over?

Yes, we got the show in Liège (Belgium) in October, then I don’t think we will do concerts again before 2024.

Other art projects?

Probably a series shot in January, this is a first for me. And we have a production company with Amanda (Sthers), the mother of my children, we made a documentary with the American casting director Bonnie Timmermann, she was chosen in Venice, in Deauville. We are very proud!

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