MultiVersus: The mainstream fighting game of the summer?

There were many challengers who challenged Super Smash Bros. on his land, never managing to dethrone him. MultiVersus comes with glossy licenses stamped with the Warner Bros. seal. and its Free to Play model. Can this multiplayer battle game overshadow the master of the genre?


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A fighting game scenario? The idea seems absurd, even irrelevant, yet some studios make it their specialty. NetherRealm with Mortal Kombat, Bandai Namco with Tekken or even Arc System Works with Guilty Gear managed to create a scripted campaign worthy of interest and above all fun to explore. Player Fist Games studios took a diametrically opposite direction. MultiVersus does not have a narrative mode, or even no single player mode… or almost. The presence of Looney Tunes, but also members of the Justice League, doesn’t really make sense. What’s the point, you say? You might be right.

Simply put, the lore of MultiVersus, if we can talk about lore, can be summed up by… the biggest star of Warner Bros. catalog. teleported in spite of themselves in closed arenas to put themselves on their faces with joy and good humor. Lovers of intrigue will find it “very” light, it is a fact, but this starting point goes to the essentials, and does not bother with any embellishment… which does not upset us. Then the American publisher is trying to seduce the fans of Game of Thrones, but also of the Dark Knight, and it can be achieved by combining many voices of the original actors. Maisie Williams reprises the role that made her famous… Arya Stark… by lending her voice. The same goes for Kevin Conroy. This dubbing actor known for his performance in the 1992 anime Batman: The Animated Series becomes Gotham’s vigilante once again for this Warner Bros. crossover.


It is not easy to take licenses as diverse as Game of Thrones, DC Comics, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo or even Steven Universe and integrate them into a game. In terms of graphics, it can quickly become a real headache. It is enough to mention Jump Force, which dedicated itself to the occasion of famous sagas such as Bleach, Dragon ball, One Piece, Naruto and My Hero Academia, and its semi-realistic visuals to bring to life some painful memories of fans. . However, in the case of Jump Force, the works cited are aesthetically close enough to find a compromise without having to change everything.

MultiVersus has the luxury of changing the character designs of the entire cast – or almost – to get a visual unity that is as surprising and satisfying. The artistic direction of “Cartoon 3D” thought of by the artists of Player First Games highlights the variety of fighters, preserving their specifics and skillfully highlighting their differences. Thus, pop-culture icons like Batman, Bugs Bunny, Arya Stark and The Iron Giant can rub shoulders without bumping into the screen. A great achievement on the part of the studios which should be welcomed.

From a purely technical point of view, the title of Warner Bros. assured. Whether on PC, new consoles, but on older generations, MultiVersus runs smoothly and guarantees fluidity at all times…which for a fighting game is a sine qua non to get the most out of the experience. In addition, the matchmaking is very good, and quickly find players at your level. It takes no more than ten seconds on average to start a new game. The netcode is also stable and holds against the large influx of players due to the opening of the Beta.

MultiVersus: The mainstream fighting game of the summer?


A fighting game will be decided once the gloves are on and in the arena, and therefore its fights. MultiVersus takes the basics put in place and refines the Super Smash Bros. saga. It retains the rules of Platform Fighter as well as the main game mechanics, but tries to stand out from the competition. Let’s go back a little, especially for those who don’t know yet, the principle of this sub-genre of fighting. Several players, here from 2 to 4, compete in closed 2D arenas and aim to outrun others by inflicting damage. The more damage accumulated, the easier the ejection.

MultiVersus is finally done more accessible than his famous model, and this is from the first stages, by reducing the range of moves available to each character. better yet, the fights are fun and exciting without sacrificing the technical dimension so dear to expert players, but remains it’s a bit messy. The title of Player First Games relies on its cooperative dimension to make a name. Teamwork is at the heart of an experience designed to create synergies between the various combatants available. Between saves, life changes and temporary boosts, each member of the roster has certain “moves” that are likely to help the partner.

MultiVersus also aims to keep players with an “RPG” overlay. We are talking here about a progression system for the player as well as each character. Fighting and completing various objectives will earn you XP and up. Roster members thus unlock cosmetic items as well as Perks. These are passive bonuses that improve their attributes sometimes in danger of unbalancing the battles, although in reality the game remains enjoyable. As far as players are concerned, leveling up their profile results in monetary and cosmetic rewards. Sorry, let’s explore the economic model in a few minutes.

MultiVersus: The mainstream fighting game of the summer?


How to compete with a competitor who lined up no less than 89 fighters? And yes, of course I mean Super Smash Bros. Finally. Warner Bros. has tons of stock characters, all from solid licenses, and can hold a candle to the master of the genre, as long as you work hard. During this Open Beta phase, only 17 fighters make up the MultiVersus roster, but they have their own style and 100% unique attacks. We also have to acknowledge the diversity of this cast which should delight young and old alike. The various list of fighters taken from Warner Bros. franchises. draws from multiple universes from DC to Looney Tunes through Game of Thrones, Scooby-Doo, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, The Iron Giant and Space Jam.

Players can choose from Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman, Wonder Woman, Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry, Taz, Arya Stark, Sammy, Vera, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Garnet, Steven Universe, The Iron Giant, Lebron James and Chien-Renne. If you don’t know the last fighter mentioned, that’s normal. Chien-Renne is an original creature born from the imagination of Player First Games studios. Definitely eclectic, The cast of MultiVersus is still very limited, and it’s not the skins, as such, that change the game. However, two new characters will enter the arena in August. It’s Rick and Morty from the series of the same name. Then Warner Bros. there should have been reserve fighters. The 30 “character tickets” included in the Premium Founder’s Pack and allowing you to unlock the roster suggest that some nice surprises are coming in the coming months.

Between the Batcave, the haunted Mansion of Scooby-Doo, the TROPHY ROOM, the Lab or even the House Tree… level arenas, there is nothing to complain about. The 7 offered during the Open Beta have changed the method to fight a little with their destructive elements and their level designs are different according to the chosen environment. Finally, and we should have guessed, MultiVersus is focused on multiplayer and especially online multiplayer. The level of the game modes, so the title is in the classic, but effective in its 1v1, Free for All, 2v2 and Co-op vs AI, available online. The first 3 can also be played with local friends on the same machine, just to compete for fun and good humor.

So MultiVersus abandons the solo dimension which is basically based on several tutorials, the Lab for training and a “versus IA” option, just to enjoy the different multiplayer modes alone. The loss of a true single player mode is sad and may upset some players, but it must be recognized that the heart of the title is in its multiplayer. The teams at Warner Bros. also thought of combining two frequently requested online features, viz Cross Play and Cross Save. MultiVersus allows the transfer of saves and allows confrontations between players from the PC, PlayStation and Xbox ecosystems.

MultiVersus: The mainstream fighting game of the summer?


The Free to Play approach to MultiVersus has caused a lot of ink to flow and has been the source of many questions, the main one being: MultiVersus Pay to Win? The answer is in one word. NO. Microtransactions are present in the game, but optional, except for the unlockable fighters. The principle is simple. The more you play, the more you will be rewarded. Players collect items and virtual currency to spend primarily to acquire new characters. In summary, you don’t need to put your hands in your pockets to enjoy the game of Player First Games, as long as you have time to spend in the arenas. Just rotating fighters every week can make players angry, especially if your favorite character is locked out overnight.

The Battle Pass is the heart of the MultiVersus business model. Players are invited to face challenges, called here “seasonal levels”, and to climb the 50 levels of the Battle Pass with rewards as the key. Of course, there are two Battle Passes, one free and another Premium. The paid version features more interesting items and above all new skins for your favorite characters. These fighter variants do not affect the gameplay in any way and are purely cosmetic. Players who cash out in one way or another make their lives easier, but have no advantage once they get into the thick of the fight. MultiVersus is Free to Play which should open the doors of Platform Fighter to as many people as possible hoping that fighting enthusiasts will not be discouraged by the economic model.

MultiVersus: The mainstream fighting game of the summer?


MultiVersus hits hard and connects Hits Combos without stopping the competition. The title is strong in its support and enjoyment from the first moments, but still lacks the character in every sense of the word to win the championship belt.

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