Gasoline will soon be cheaper in France than in Belgium? When the trend returns

As we know, inflation has a big impact on households. This is especially the case with gasoline and diesel. So motorists look for the cheapest gas station. For a long time, it was located in Belgium. But that may no longer be the case.

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From September 1, petrol will drop to €1.50 per liter in France. This price reduction is possible due to the reduction of taxes decided by the French State as well as a reduction granted by TotalEnergies to its service stations. This is a reduction of 30 cents that will ultimately be used by the State. For its part, TotalEnergies announced that it will reduce its price per liter by 20 cents at its service stations.

In Belgium, everyone is led to believe that it is not possible to match these prices… At best, the State can still lower the tax to 9.5 cents. But the TotalEnergies group does not foresee any decline there at the moment. Many Belgians are already planning to come and refuel in France.

Usually cheaper in France

But, in the past, the situation was reversed. If the stereotype of cheaper petrol in Belgium seems to persist today, it seems that it is no longer true. In most cases, gasoline 95 (E10) and diesel (B7) are already cheaper in France, within a few cents.

Mouscron and Wattrelos located less than ten kilometers from each other. A mocking distance for most Mouscronnois who certainly wouldn’t hesitate to go and fill up on the other side of the border. It is not very interesting for gasoline 95 (E10). In Mouscron, the least expensive pumps (Gabriëls, PMO and Shell Express) posted, this week, 1,759 € in liters, vs 1,746 € per liter in Wattrelos, in E.Leclerc, a difference of one cent.

On the other hand, the difference is felt in the price of diesel (B7). This is shown in the 1,872 € per liter of Gabriëls, PMO and Shell Express, while E.Leclerc offers this fuel at 1,786 € per liter.

Tournai and Saint-Amand-les-Eaux more distant municipalities, about twenty kilometers from each other. But some motorists are willing to make these few kilometers. On the one hand, in Tournai, the cheapest service station (Esso) is shown 1,803 € per liter of gasoline 95 (E10) and 1,903 € liter of diesel (B7). For us, gasoline 95 (E10) costs only 1,708 € liter and diesel (B7) 1,773 € per liter.

The situation is not the same Comines-Warneton and Armentieres. In our case, the difference is small. Cost of Diesel (B7). 1,879 € per liter at Gabrëls of Warneton, vs 1,870 € at the crossroads of Armentières. On the other hand, the situation is reversed for gasoline 95 (E10). Gabriels on the Warneton poster 1,769 € per liter while counting Esso Express in Armentières 1,821 € in liters.

A part of E. Leclerc

This price difference can be explained in particular by the action currently being taken by the E.Leclerc brand. Within a few days, the retail store decided to repeat its action on the price of gasoline. From July 28 to 30, E.Leclerc is offering fuel at a discounted price.

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