Cognac festival: Bigflo & Oli, fans like it’s raining

VSt a Saturday, July 30 that will remain etched in his memory. The big night for Jules. What he’s been dreaming about since he tasted the “Bigflo & Oli” potion, “At the age of 7, I discovered them one day on the radio, the title was “Wicked”, I loved it”perfectly remembered this young Cognaçais from…

VSt a Saturday, July 30 that will remain etched in his memory. The big night for Jules. What he’s been dreaming about since he tasted the “Bigflo & Oli” potion, “At the age of 7, I discovered them one day on the radio, the title was “Wicked”, I loved it”, perfectly remembers this young Cognaçais for 10 years now. Since, “Well, I listen to it every day, all the time, I love this melodic rap, and I also understand the lyrics better now”.

“It’s crazy, he knows all the songs by heart”smile his parents, who will accompany him to the Cognac Festival to see his idols, with his older brother, just to share this meeting. “Unforgettable for him”. His very first concert, that of a duo whose picture he drew for the occasion.

“He’s been waiting for this since the 1ster April, when we told her that we had taken the places, the day after announcing their arrival, she jumped. Worse, he even made a countdown on a board where he had been ticking since the days that separated him from the concert “laughed his father who, like his wife, had a good view of this crazy love for two artists from Toulouse, “Rappers who express beautiful images, in general, this is also reassuring for us parents”he pointed out.

Beautiful values, beautiful people, close to their fans, are the terms that are often cited in the testimonies of these fans who responded to dozens of calls to CL to tell us the reasons for their enthusiasm. A real, deep for everyone, which explains in large part why the places for this concert flew out soon, for an archi-full evening (8,000 people). Many pages are required to record all these returns. We only have one…

A sixteenth concert!

“I’m not surprised you have so many testimonials!” Me, their music almost saved my life, like what a fan of two artists, can play a lot at once. He took me, and this is the first time I see them, can’t wait »said Laurie, 21, from Berneuil (17).

For Marine, 25, from Roullet-Saint-Estèphe, it is not the first, however, but the… 16e for Bigflo & Oli whom he already knows. “I never get tired, the atmosphere of their concerts is amazing, always”he swears, his ticket is for 17e already in hand, it will go to the “Au Fil du Son” festival in Civray (86) this Sunday. When we love…

“I like concerts in general, theirs and them in particular, and what they say. And then in Cognac, I will find other fans that I know, from other parts of France We’re a small tribe since we met on their dates, we kept in touch, that’s what’s great about Bigflo & Oli”, pleased with this young woman who was defiled “friends and girlfriends” who is also there?

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A concert at the Accord Arena in Paris on June 21, another at Matmut in Bordeaux on June 28, Cognac, “ then in September, then in October in Nave, and next year”. If Naé, 18-year-old Angoumoisine, student in Bordeaux, does not show the same number of dates on his counter, he quickly approaches it, falling in love with two brothers at the age of 12. “I get goosebumps listening to every song, their lyrics and the topics they cover speak to all generations, that’s what makes them successful. They’re nice to their fans, available, that’s why I love them “he confessed.

I was nervous listening to each song.

Noëlie, 21, from Rouillac, confirmed. He was one of the fans who had the privilege of announcing their comeback this year, after a two-year hiatus. The screenshot he sent proves it. “I just sent them a word on whatsApp, they replied, well”, he rejoiced, impatient to find them on the stage, “with an army of friends, they have no choice”.

Like Camille, 30, who there dragged his colleagues from Angoulême to his fan addiction, or Jérôme, Julien, it’s not just women, and many more. It promises a crazy atmosphere for tonight.

Winning comeback (tonight, 10:45 pm)

Two years of rest, it was the time when the two brothers gave themselves a breather in the face of the pressure inherent in their profession and the success encountered since their start in 2015, the year in which they moved to the Abattoirs de Cognac for a less intimate concert. The opportunity to be together as well, to review their careers and prepare for a triumphant return with a new album in their pocket, The rest is ourswhich has been united since its release, and where they will give the best tonight, without a doubt, a small anthology of their greatest hits.

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