Android: here are the applications to uninstall immediately on your smartphone

News hardware Android: here are the applications to uninstall immediately on your smartphone

Nearly thirty applications available on the Google Play Store have recently been removed from the platform because they contain malware. If you installed it, there is still time to delete it.

Security expert Dr. Web makes a specialty of trace corrupt android apps. The publisher focuses on malware such as Trojan horses, adware or others that record users’ personal data. It then scans the applications that are officially distributed in the Google Play Store, and takes the necessary steps to remove them.

This means that applications directed to the public by Dr. Web often removed before. But that doesn’t mean they won’t work, because they can still harm people who download them.

10 million downloads for 28 malicious applications

the latest ranking infected apps from Dr. Web account 28 applications, which have accumulated 10 million downloads. If the security expert points out that some Trojans have lost their strength in recent weeks, such as Android.Spy.4498, which is known to steal information from the notifications of other applications , it doesn’t mean it’s gone off the radar. In addition, new threats are constantly appearing.

Some are exposed to an invasion of advertisements on the smartphone concerned, while others register the owner of the Google account for very expensive paid services, all without their knowledge. This is especially the main activity of various Android.Joker malware, which has been gaining momentum in recent months.

Among the applications seen in June by Dr. Web, and that was taken in July, we will see a comprehensive photo editing servicebut also keyboards for Android, choices of wallpapers or systems to personalize the phone call.

Usually, Serious applications falling into these categories are paid. So the Android smartphone users attracted by an attractive and above all free offer. Needless to say that these apps do not fulfill any promises and that they are never slow to trigger the malware it contains.

Android apps to remove from your smartphone

Here are 28 apps you should never have on your Android smartphone. If you have installed one or more, remove them immediately. You can optionally scan your terminal with an antivirus to verify that there are no more threats left there.

  • Photo Editor: Retouch & Cutout (de.nineenergysh.quickarttwo)
  • Photo Editor: Art Filters (gb.painnt.moonlightingnine)
  • Photo Editor – Design Maker (gb.twentynine.redaktoridea)
  • Photo Editor and Background Eraser (de.photoground.twentysixshot)
  • Photo & Exif Editor (de.xnano.photoexifeditornine)
  • Photo Editor – Filter Effects (de.hitopgop.sixtyeightgx)
  • Photo Filters and Effects (de.sixtyonecollice.cameraroll)
  • Photo Editor: Blur Image (de.instagang.fiftyggfife)
  • Photo Editor: Cut, Paste (de.fiftyninecamera.rollredactor)
  • Emoji Keyboard: Stickers and GIFs (gb.crazykey.sevenboard)
  • Neon Theme Keyboard (
  • Neon Theme – Android Keyboard (
  • Cache Cleaner (
  • Fancy Charging (
  • FastCleaner: Cash Cleaner (
  • Call Skins – Caller Themes (
  • Funny Caller (
  • CallMe Phone Themes (
  • InCall: Contact Background (
  • MyCall – Call Personalization (
  • Caller Theme (com.caller.theme.slow)
  • Caller Theme (com.callertheme.firstref)
  • Funny Wallpaper – Live Screen (
  • 4K Wallpapers Auto Changer (de.andromo.ssfiftylivesixcc)
  • NewScreen: 4D Wallpapers (
  • Stock Wallpapers and Backgrounds (de.stockeighty.onewallpapers)
  • Notes – reminders and lists (

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