Amandine Petit in a bikini: the former Miss reveals herself majestically on the beach! (VIDEO)

In social networks, Amandine Petit appeared on the beach. If he seems to be enjoying his vacation a lot in the video, above all else his bun that catches the eye. Among other things. Learn how to replicate this hairstyle.

Summer summary by Amandine Petit

Miss France 2021, Amandine Petit, is very active on social media. A role that she fulfilled wonderfully because the beautiful blonde did not hesitate post photos and videos on his Instagram account. Even though she is on vacation, the beauty queen does not forget to please her subscribers.

It must be said that Amandine Petit’s summer was eventful. At the beginning of July, it was at Fashion Week that we saw her. On this occasion, the beautiful blonde pulled out all the stops. ex-Miss can only breathe.

Afterwards, Amandine Petit went to the Beauregard Festival. To attend the Orelsan show, Diane Leyre’s predecessor wore wide jeans and a yellow sleeveless vest. very low cut. Then, Amandine Petit recharged her batteries in her hometown of Normandy.

At that time, it was clear that the ex-beauty queen did not forget to post her photos. For example, we have seen it perfectly naturally on his Instagram account. As always, the beautiful blonde looks great. Then, Amandine also shared her beauty routine to his fans.

Thanks to this post, we know that the ex-Miss France uses the Monoi range from Yves Rocher to her makeover. After this short break in Normandy, the young woman appeared in the preview of “Bullet Train”. For this occasion, she wore a golden yellow satin dress that suited her very well.

How to multiply your bun?

Very active on Instagram, Amandine Petit made another post on her account. This time, it is a video of her slow motion shared by the beautiful blonde. In this clip, we see Amandine in the process of enjoy the beachthe pool and drink a little cocktail.

The former Miss France also appeared with many jerseys of all colors and all styles. We also don’t forget to mention the different hairstyles of the young woman in this clip. In fact, one caught our attention. It is her bottom bun and flattened.

With this style, Amandine remains classy even at the beach. This hairstyle protects the hair against damage caused by sand and wind. Applying is very easy. Just one boar bristle brusha wax, a gel or a styling cream as well as a scrunchie.

To do this, you must first detangle the hair, then draw a center line. Then apply wax or styling cream to the roots and lengths of your hair. Then, use your boar bristle brush to flatten the hair.

Finally, gather it at the level of your neck then make a thick bun and you are done. You can use bobby pins. A very simple style to do, but also very practical this summer.

Is Amandine Petit in a relationship?

Talking about Amandine Petit, she talked about her private life recently. During her interview with Télé-Loisirs, on July 9, 2022, the beautiful blonde made it clear that she still does not intend to reveal details of his love life this time.

Continuing, Amandine said to find out “crazy” the fact that “all” interested in his private life. However, if at the moment I don’t want to say more, he also has no intention of keeping his personal details from us for the rest of his life. The day you have a “Very important event” in his private life, Amandine will tell us, he assured.

“But there, right now, I don’t have enough interesting things to share,” he said.

However, this does not mean that Amandine Petit is free. In fact, in January 2022, in the columns of Télé Star, the former beauty queen revealed the identity of her partner. It’s… his cat!

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