This is where it all begins: what awaits you in episode 454 on Friday, July 29, 2022 [SPOILERS] – TV News Series

In the next episode of “This is where it all started”… Ruben finds out that Alban and Laetitia have unknowingly made Guillaume’s situation worse. As for Theo, he cracks under the pressure.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers of the episode of Here it all starts broadcasting tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Friday, July 29th This is where it all begins…


Early in the morning, Greg learned the disturbing news. In fact, Marius reveals to him that in the end he was never attacked. Yesterday, he decided on a whim to make his attack to get her attention. His confession does not stop there since he finally confesses his feelings to her. Lately, she has thought that something is possible between them because her relationship with Eliott has been going haywire. So when he saw that they were back together, he thought about it. However, he understood that he should never have done something like this and intended to leave the championship. After these revelations, Greg believes that this is the best solution.

At the same time, Salomé enjoyed taking pictures of her boyfriend when he woke up. The lovers will take a friendly moment instead of taking a break for the second round of the championship that is approaching. Additionally, the student jokes about a potential sabotage strategy to make Swan less efficient by preventing him from sleeping.

For this second event, the brigades of chef Cardone and chef Teyssier had to create a dessert around blackcurrant. Before sitting down, Annabelle makes a chilling confidence in Salomé: she asks her second to seduce her.

A revelation that prevents Salomé from concentrating in times of trouble. So he wants to clarify the situation by talking to Swan but he sends him away. At a distance, Teyssier attended the scene and did not fail to reprimand his clerk for his behavior.

During the tasting, Teyssier believed that the dessert they presented to the jury was a disaster. Furthermore, he did not hold Salomé responsible for their failure. For his part, Chief Cardone was happy to see that his plan was working.

Soon, Salomé clarified things with the Swan. When he asked him if he had been teasing him from the beginning, the young man said that was not the case. In the end, the student realized that it was actually a plan by Chief Cardone to destabilize him before the trial.

The jury decides. In the last position, Chef Delobel has no points. Chef Teyssier won points. Chef Cardone took second place with two points. So Chef Demir won the event with three points. At the end of this test, the four brigades were tied with a total of three points each.

At the end of the day, Greg informed his friends of Marius’ decision. However, he decided to hide the real reason behind his leaving them and admitted that he couldn’t take the threats anymore. In addition, he told them at the same time that his father was almost attacked during the pantry crisis. So Anaïs understood that this event happened at the same time as the suspicious disappearance of Ruben. For Eliott, it’s probably just a coincidence, but Greg makes a disturbing assumption: what if Ruben knows Alban? For her part, Salomé decided to search the internet to be sure. In a few clicks, the young woman Ruben discovered Alban’s clerk during another pastry championship a year later.


After a rough start, Tony surprises chef Listrac by making tempuras to perfection. Eventually, his private lessons with Kelly paid off. Olivia congratulated him, because even if he was helped, it was a complicated process to learn.

Soon, Laetitia invites Tony to have an aperitif at her place later in the day. However, he didn’t think it was a good idea, especially after the heated discussion he and Guillaume had had the day before. For her part, the maid believed that her boyfriend had revealed himself badly and finally managed to persuade her to accept.

At the end of the day, Guillaume is upset when he finds out that Tony has an aperitif at home. He tries to hide his anger towards Laetitia. After all, he promised her that he would never give her any more jealousy.


Tom and Ambre are preparing the double A room for lunch service when Théo offers to help him reinvent a key recipe from Auguste Armand to easily put it on the restaurant’s menu. . So, the pair accepted without hesitation.

After a while, the two students were in the kitchen under Theo’s direction. The chef wanted to revisit one of Chef Armand’s signature dishes: roast turbot. He intends to offer it in the form of sushi which, according to him, is more modern. However, Clotilde, who lives up to her father’s cooking legacy, believes that her idea completely distorts the original recipe. Besides, he saw that he was approaching too slowly.

Theo was angry at what the chef said. In the end, not sure that revisiting him in sushi form was a good idea. So, Tom offered to present the dish in the form of a burger, but the chef refused his proposal in a rude tone. The student decided to leave, unable to bear being attacked in this way.

Finally, Theo confides his concerns to Amber. Since winning the Vatel Prize, he feels that everyone is watching his actions, which puts him under great pressure. In addition, the chef is afraid of not being worthy of a prestigious award. Therefore, the student encourages him to trust himself and to finish his concepts.

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