Leclerc announces good news for consumers in a time of inflation!

The anti-inflation shield expires on July 31, 2022. Leclerc recently announced an extension to the device. The list of products included in the shield even expands up to 234 references.

Since the beginning of the period of high inflation, many supermarkets have established unique offers to help the French. On May 4, 2022, Leclerc had the inflation shield was launched. The brand has built this offer to counter rising prices.

The principle of the offer is to lock in the prices of 120 daily products. And this is despite the price increase. These products are selected from the products most purchased by their customers. Therefore, the offer made it possible to preserve the purchasing power of the French.

The inflation shield was originally scheduled to expire on July 31. Except the sign indicated the offer would remain until December. The inflation control mechanism will be extended to 110 more products. Explanations.

Increase the shield

On July 28, Leclerc announced the extension of his anti-inflation shield. Journalist Olivier Dauvers shared the press release on his Twitter account. According to the press release, customers of the brand will take advantage of this unique offer until December 4, 2022.

This good news was accompanied by a boost that pleased the brand’s customers. The Leclerc group added 110 additional products to the products already protected by the device. Today, the anti-inflation shield preserves almost 234 per day product to increase the price. And this, from August 1, 2022.

According to the press release, one of the two French, even 49% in French, limited to 5 euros for purchases. So the move to curb inflation will enable them to continue to have access to everyday consumer goods. Leclerc customers can be sure that any price increase will not penalize them purchasing power.

The privilege of Leclerc loyalty card holders

The inflation shield was extended on the same principle as the one established in May. It is mainly aimed at customers who have a Leclerc loyalty card. Please note that this card is free.

According to the press release, if there is any increase, the amount will be credited to Tickets Leclerc. That is, if one of the products experience a price increase, the increase will be paid by Tickets Leclerc on the loyalty card. It is important to note that this only applies to products included in the inflation shield.


The measure is valid in all Leclerc supermarket centers and the Leclerc drive. The products included in the anti-inflation shield concern national brands and also the sign brands. So customers can find products under the Repère brand, Our regions have the Talent brand and Eco+.

Two new spokes on the Inflation Shield

234 products of the anti-inflation device remain in the ranking of most purchased daily products. Leclerc took this ranking based on the daily purchases of the French. The sign announces other references to be added to the system.

The list includes everyday products such as:

  • President’s soft gourmet butter (250 g),
  • Herta Knacki Original sausages,
  • The original Coca-Cola soda,
  • Harrys Bread, 100% Plain, no crust,
  • Buckwheat pancakes from Brittany Our Regions have talent,
  • crystal water,
  • Nutella cookies and more…

The full list products can be found on the Leclerc website.

At first, the anti-inflation shield is concerned four product departments. It only protects the price of products in the beverage, groceries, pharmacy/hygiene and fresh/early produce departments.

The Extended Inflation Shield is expected to two new categories. The device is now price related to some DIY / gardening / pet store products and classes.

We can say that it is a great motivation for parents preparing for the start of the school year. Inflation especially affects the class department. The change in the anti-inflation shield seems to have come at the right time. Good news which relieved the French.

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