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Discover the detailed summary of More beautiful life in advance episode 4591 of Tuesday August 2, 2022 broadcast on France 3. Mirta is doing better thanks to the discussions with Father Luc even though he has not talked to Luna about cancer. Revel was fed up with Boher and Nebout at the police station. Kevin has a new lead, he puts Emma in confidence.

Read the complete recap of PBLV season 18 episode 4591 on 08/02/2022 in the preview with all the photos from the soap opera Plus belle la vie.

The lunch of lies: everything is good so that Camille does not suspect

Look it up full summary of Better life on Tuesday, August 2, 2022 episode 4591 in advance, 3 days before the broadcast of France 3): the recap of the previous episode PBLV 01/08/2022 is online.

Emma sleeps restlessly while Baptise wakes up with Justine. She was attentive and cooked breakfast.
Emma was woken up by Kevin who came to wake her up early. Kevin tells Emma that she was right about Jacob and Camille…he shows her the video of the interrogation. Finally, Camille thanks Jacob for not counting. This was Emma’s shock.

Prune offered Patrick and Boher to be actors in costumes with children in the lead roles. They accepted.

Mirta gets angry with Akira who talks about a news with death episodes. Luna intervened. Mirta says that life should be celebrated and that she won’t let Akira talk about horrible things.

Boher is a better life

Jean Paul allowed himself to go to Prune

Revel finds Boher trying on costumes, she says they are for her daughter’s performance. Revel reminds Boher that he is not at the circus but at a police station.

Gabriel calls Mirta to visit her lab results. Mirta said that she will take care of it.
Yolande comes to pick up Mirta for an outing looking for singles…Mirta says she doesn’t mind the heat. Mirta explained to her friend that for now she should be alone.

Kevin better life

Kevin reassures Camille, everything is fine between them

The fires continue, firefighters try to find common ground with the arsonist.

Kevin unexpectedly arrives at Laetitia’s: Camille hides the booklet behind the painting. Camille tells Kevin that she finds him distant today…she tells him no, everything is fine, she just doesn’t like how he talks to Emma.

Mirta returns to the church to talk to Father Luc in the confessional. She confides in him that she is afraid of dying because she has cancer. Mirta tells him that he is her good samaritan, she gives him hope.

Justine better life

Justine and Baptiste, it will always be great love

During the filming of the casting video, Boher and Prune kiss (off script) while Patrick is filming. He intervenes when he feels things are not going well. Patrick can’t stop the catch…Boher says it’s fake.

A better life in advance episode 4591 of August 2, 2022: Jean Paul and Léa move …

Jean-Paul had the impression that Léa had made many friends at the anti-tuberculosis center, he had the impression that she did not miss him. When he called, it was just to check on Aurore.

life is better

Mirta and Yolande are friends…but Mirta can’t tell her about cancer and Father Luc

Yolande found Mirta on the street, they shared a fruit salad. Mirta said that her day of solitude was uplifting and comforting.

Kevin offers Camille to meet Emma at Marci’s so that the sisters can reconcile. Emma makes her mea culpa, she apologizes for always being angry. Emma says she’s out of battery, she asks Camille if she can pass hers. Camille accepted, Emma put it in her bag and fumbled…to get a key. Kevin leaves and comes to open Camille’s secret notebook that her mother hid. Kevin took pictures of every page. There are many pages with the first name Kevin and full of hearts.

Kevin Belesta

Kevin went through every page of Camille’s diary

The highlights of Plus belle la vie on Tuesday August 2, 2022: what to remember

– Kevin discovers Camille’s diary
– Mirta smiled again thanks to Father Luc
– Boher kisses Prune in the heat of the moment, with Léa it’s complicated now
– Emma is no longer alone in doubting Camille…Kevin is too

Our opinion

the +

  • Revel’s head with costumes by Boher and Nebout
  • Emma and Kevin’s collusion in unmasking Camille
  • Mirta smiled again


  • The scenes with Prune are so boring
  • Léa and Boher it is complicated by the distance (a way out for the actress Marie Hennerez who went on mater leave before the summer …)

Main Cast

Anne Decis, Marwan Berreni, Cécila Hornus, Pierre Martot, Laurent Kérusoré, Léa François, Stéphane Henon…

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