judges are interested in facts that have hitherto been considered prescribed

Patrick Poivre d’Arvor in 2019 in Deauville. LOIC VENANCE / AFP

As the Court of Appeal of Versailles recalled in June, the starting point of the duration leading to the extinction of the public action can be postponed.

Several investigations have been launched against the former star presenter of TF1 television news, 74, who has been accused by around thirty women of rape, assault or sexual harassment. He vehemently denied all of them and filed a complaint against the slanderous criticism. A judicial investigation was opened after a complaint from Florence Porcel, who accused the host of forcing her to have sex in 2004 and to perform oral sex in 2009.

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The investigative judges in charge of this investigation decided to immediately reject the facts of 2004 – which appear to have been blocked by time since 2014 – and to investigate in 2009. This choice was rejected at the end of June by the Court of Appeal at Versailles. The starting point of the prescription can be postponed. If there is an investigative action, the starting point is no longer the date of creation of the facts but this action.

Similarly, if there is a link between the crimes – same author, modus operandi, goal or profile of the victims – a disruptive act for one of these crimes can disrupt the prescription of the other and set a new its starting point. The investigation of the PPDA must now be verified if the facts of 2004 are closely related to other non-prescribed violations, according to explanations obtained by AFP.

“A state of complete surprise”

The investigating judge has yet to hear from the PPDA. But the latter gave his story during the preliminary closed investigation. On May 18, 2021, he denied having any sexual relationship with Florence Porcel, accusing him of having “lots of imagination“, According to the minutes of his hearing consulted by AFP. He summed up their meeting in 2004, in his office at TF1, by kissing.in front“.then”he lifted his lips to mine“, he affirmed, assuring that”there is no shadow in the fourth part of intercourse“.

According to him, a former journalism student contacted him by saying “about health problems“. “Touched by his message“, he is there”called for a while“Said the PPDA, who insisted to the investigators of his sensitivity since the suicide of his daughter. Florence Porcel, 21, attended his JT and “asked to kiss himin his office, said PPDA.

Florence Porcel, he criticized a non-consensual intercourse, in which Patrick Poivre d’Arvor would have stated: “Now you are a woman“. He described in an interview with Parisian in 2021, a “general state of surprise» where he can persuade himself to be «in love“no way”not collapse“. About the facts of 2009, he assured said “not“Many times.

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In June 2021, a first preliminary investigation, which collected the testimony of 23 women, was dismissed by the Nanterre prosecutor’s office, mainly for the prescription but also for “unpunished sin“where”insufficient character offense“. The second continued, seven other women testified.

Patrick Poivre d’Arvor admitted that he did not remember some of these women. “This name means nothing to me“, he repeated during his free audition. “What interest do all these women have in lying to us?asked a policeman. “Some may be angry with me because I forgot about them“or so”may have become an activistPPDA replied.

The testimonials showsimilar method“with others”intimate things” which the PPDA is accused of asking, also outlined the investigator: “are you a couple?», «honest ?», «naked?», «do you masturbate?»… «Before getting into a relationship with someone, I need to know if this person is free and available. On other questions, I countered them», defended Patrick Poivre d’Arvor.

The testimonialsshow you not as a cheater but more of a sexual predator who gets sexual favors suddenly“, note the investigators. “I’m not really (…) I respect women“defending the former host, whose lawyer did not respond to AFP. Counsel for Ms Porcel and the other women declined to comment.

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