Grand Theft Auto VI: a less rubbish game, like its studio?


Cult video game license, Grand Theft Auto owes its popularity to the freedom it gives, in the game and in the words, determined garbage. The next opus can go to a form of redemption, like the Rockstar Games studio.

A GTA similar to redemption.

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There are many titles that have marked the history of video games, but few of them can boast such a great longevity as the GTA license, especially its latest opus. Developed by the famous Rockstar Games studio, this trashy and endless game became the second best-selling title of all time. However, the long awaited Grand Theft Auto VI will be less irritating, after a question and a maturity obtained inside the studio.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Become the greatest criminal again in this new installment of the GTA saga!

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A game like studio

The saga Grand Theft Auto above all a satire of American society, the various episodes show only the physical and verbal violence found in the country. Racism, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, the series sweeps all the most sensitive themes and this, often without taking gloves. In addition to this impression that he owes his success to no limit. And if this feeling is very well written in the game, it is because the studio is in its image.

Alcohol, drugs, fights, strip clubs, the developers of Rockstar Games have seen all the colors. The studio imposed harsh working conditions on them, with a continuous work flow. This prompted many employees to speak in 2018 to criticize, for the first time on such a scale, the phenomenon of “crunch”.

In order to avoid any delays in game release schedules, developers have to work hard and work many hours of unpaid overtime, even sleeping on the job. One of the Houser brothers, founder of Rockstar Games, even said that some of his employees worked 100-hour work weeks in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Screenshots of GTA V.

Screenshot of GTA V.

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If this intervention helped free the word of developers from other studios, Rockstar Games should double its efforts to make a clean sweep of this heavy responsibility. It required a new direction and the departure in 2019 of Dan Houser, one of the sulphurous founding brothers, for the studio to experience a real metamorphosis. Changes in work schedules, firing abusive managers and hiring contractual workers, these are many, but necessary, steps taken. Not to mention the ability to take vacation time for every overtime hour worked, as well as new mental and physical health benefits. A much healthier and kinder environment then frames the developers of GTA. A relief that will likely appear in the next opus.

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A GTA unlike others

According to information collected by Bloomberg along with about twenty Rockstar Games employees, GTA VI very different from other episodes of the series. The less healthy and unrestricted atmosphere can be seen in the content and form of the game. For the first time in the history of the license, one of the game’s protagonists will be a woman. it Latina However, he will not be alone, because he will form a duo inspired by Bonnie & Clyde, the famous couple of bank robbers. Added to this new representation is a desire for inclusion. always according to Bloombergdevelopers are careful that humor does not harm marginalized groups of people.

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The new working conditions also made it possible to develop the game on a human scale. Get out of the pharaonic project to rebuild the great territories of North America! Make way for a more “moderate” project, a fictional version of Miami and its surroundings. But Rockstar Games intends to adopt a new strategy. If, when the game is released, the explorable area will definitely be the same size as GTA V, the studio wants to update the game over time by adding new missions, but also and above all, new places to discover, such as new cities. This sixth part will also take pride of place in the interior spaces with the exploration of many buildings.

Screenshots of GTA Vice City.

Screenshot of GTA Vice City.

© Rockstar Games

While some specialists plan the game to be released between 2023 and 2024, the developers remain skeptical: the new measures taken will slow down the development of the game. Especially since the post of design director, which was once occupied by Imran Sarwar, is now the responsibility of three people, causing conflicts and wasting time. A small group of designers even left the Edinburgh studio earlier in the year, frustrated by the game’s lack of progress.

Expected for almost ten years, Grand Theft Auto VI aroused extraordinary enthusiasm, but an unknown remains: if this opus turns out to be less immoral than its predecessors, can it repeat itself as one of the best sellers in the industry? A success ends up establishing new, more respectful ways of working within Rockstar Games, while a failure (even the smallest one) can raise voices in favor of the old habits of studio, even if they are abusive. That is why some do not hesitate to see it as a catharsis support for its creators.

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