“Are you kidding or what?” : Jean-Luc Reichmann reframes a candidate in 12 noon shots!

Thursday July 28, 2022, Jean-Luc Reichmann reframed a candidate which makes the statements somewhat presumptuous. The candidate of “12 noon” actually spoke to his mother. The host couldn’t believe his ears, to the point of reacting. We are taking stock.

Nico la Kiffance in “12 noon shots”

Wednesday July 27, 2022, Mehdi succeeded the act of coming out of Yaël and will be Master at noon. If he thought that he would last longer, the candidate’s adventure ended the next day. The one who expelled him was named Nicolas.

This end, 22 years old, mentioned above with Jean-Luc Reichmann for his first participation. As usual, the host of “12 noon” want to know more about its candidates. So he turned to the boy to ask him what he does for a living.

Nicholas said to him:

“I’m on sabbatical. With Covid and everything… I got my diploma and then I chose to stop to enjoy life. »

Stunned by the young man’s response, the host of “12 noon” exclaimed:

“At the age of 22 he took a sabbatical… I’m a fan of yours. »

After that, Nicolas explained that he wanted to to enjoy life. The truth is that for him, the most important, “This is the worship of life whatever it is”. Words that earned him the nickname Nico la Kiffance by Jean-Luc Reichmann.

Jean-Luc Reichmann set the record straight

The facilitator of “12 noon” then asked him what message he wanted pass it on to his parents.

Then he said:

“I tell my dad to have fun and my mom to leave my sneakers on. »

The answer once again confused Jean-Luc. Unable to keep quiet, he reframed the young man. He announced thathe can’t talk to his mother like that. Especially in front of millions of viewers who follow the show.

Nicolas defended himself by explaining why he made these statements. According to him, his mother against the fact that he took a sabbatical. Which would annoy him to no end.

“So tell me if I am a father, maybe what I say is the same thing I say to mom. Because my son will tell me that at 22 years old … “, later explained the partner of Nathalie Lecoultre.

“I have to call security!” »

This is not the first time Jean-Luc Reichmann has reframed a candidate. In May 2022, the host also put back in its place a contender for the title of Master of Noon. The candidate in question was called Apollinaire. When he was about to face Laëtitia in a duel, he did a joke gone wrong.

“Watch out, I know where you are set up!” “, he launched his challenge.

Jean-Luc immediately intervened. He informed Apollinaire that he could not make such comments, even under the guise of humor. Moreover, he did not know Laëtitia well enough to buy it.

The host said:

“Are you okay?! I’ll call security!”

Zette falls in “12 strokes of noon”

If not the candidates, that is the voice-over played. On July 19, 2022, Zette was quite comfortable. Which is rare to underline. During the episode, the noises he made disturbed his companion.

Angry, he then asked her:

“Are you eating or not?” »

To which he replied:

“Yes, little croc-croc. »

Animator then shared the sequence of his Instagram account. In the caption of his publication, Jean-Luc put:

“Zette Goaler with a mouth full in the middle of a show and it’s so rude… BOUUUUUUh”

The post made by Jean-Luc Reichmann caused a reaction a large number of its subscribers. In the comments bar, it says:

“Zette is amazing. I love it! “, ” The poor. Zette courage! », « thank you for giving us so much happiness, thank you zette. A great time spent with you. Thank you too, Jean-Luc”, “It’s bananas! good appetite »

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