After the reception of Mohammed bin Salman by Macron, many are trying to reassure



Emmanuel Macron and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salmane pose for a photo before their dinner at the Élysée on Thursday July 28. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

POLITICS – Attention, sensitive subject. After the controversial reception of Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman by Emmanuel Macron at the Élysée, many are trying to resist the surge of criticism because of it ” working dinner »which was organized this Thursday, July 28 against the backdrop of the energy crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine.

On Thursday night, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne assured that the Head of State will not avoid the question of human rights, while “MBS” has been removed from the international scene after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi under in extremely harsh conditions. ” This is not to question our commitment to human rights. The President of the Republic will certainly have the opportunity to talk about this with Mohammed Ben Salmane “, affirmed the head of the government, judging despite the” normal “talked about in Paris” energy producing countries “in the actual context.

This Friday, July 29, on Europe 1, it is the Minister of Public Services, Stanislas Guérini, who steps up to the plate. ” Saudi Arabia is part of the G20. There are many crises and files where we need to tell everything. The problem is not speaking now to all the players in the Middle East and we cannot blame the President of the Republic for not always telling the truth”, justified the general delegate of En Marche, who ensured that the head of state answered the angry question.

“Speaking is not lying down, it is thinking that in the world, there are interlocutors who do not all have the same democratic values ​​as France and we have to continue things. Democratic topics are discussed.he continued.

Before the celebration, the leader of the Renaissance deputies (ex-LREM) Aurore Bergé also defended the dinner. “I believe it is important for the President of the French Republic to receive a certain number of de facto interlocutors (…) more in the context that we know, which is linked to the crisis in Ukraine. and the major energy challenges we face”he pleaded with Franceinfo. “Referring to all the countries of the Gulf seems to me an absolute necessity, that does not mean that you forget the subjects (…) that are important in terms of values ​​and human rights. »

Before the meeting, the Élysée announced that Emmanuel Macron will discuss the issue of human rights ” in general “and he” develop into[it] to talk about individual cases “. If the macronist galaxy believes to receive Mohammed ben Salmane under the gold of the Republic, however it is interesting to note that the Elysée site does not mention (outside the agenda) this visit, the last mention of the crown prince since December 4, 2021, during the visit of the Head of State to Saudi Arabia.

In a press release issued at the end of the morning, the Elysée indicated that ” The President of the Republic and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia welcome the strengthening of exchanges between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and France “, promotes” the desire to deepen the relationship between the two countries”. After long paragraphs devoted to the war in Yemen and the stability of the Middle East, we have to wait for the last passage to read this shy reference: ” As part of the confidence dialogue between France and Saudi Arabia, the President of the Republic addressed the issue of human rights in Saudi Arabia. “.

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