30 cents, 20 cents, cost price… the schedule and terms of discounts

The price of fuels is a very sensitive and flammable topic. As proof, the many passing of arms on this subject of hemicik in the national assembly in recent days, in the paths of examination of the examination of the revision of the finances of the amendment of the financial amendment to amend its “purchasing power”. The government, deprived of the majority, was even forced to make many compromises to satisfy the opposition and get the vote of the LRs.

But some fuel sellers are not waiting for the government and are announcing discounts for these holidays and back to school. France Bleu takes various discounts.

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30 cents reduction per liter in September-October promised by the government

First of all, therefore, it is the government that makes the greatest effort. The senators still have to take turns, but in the first reading, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the purchasing power law was finally voted by the National Assembly after examining 800 amendments to the bill. This includes the particular extension of the tariff shield on energy prices until the end of the year and the elimination of the audiovisual public fee of 138 euros, but also, another pump boost.

Because to ensure the right votes, while the examination of the text took longer than expected, the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire found a compromise on fuels with a rebate that increased to 30 cents. euros per liter instead of the current 18 cents. It was installed in April and continued until August 31.

This discount, taken directly from the price shown at the pump, then returns to Only 10 cents in November and December warns the government, however.

20 cents off at the pump at Total stations at the start of the school year

The French oil group, TotalEnergie, will apply a pump discount of 20 cents per liter between september and november at all its service stations, then at 10 cents per liter until the end of the year, he announced in a statement last week. The distributor has already taken a step, at the beginning of the summer, by applying a discount of 12 cents per liter at its motorway stations.

TotalEnergies has 3,500 stations (out of about 11,000) in France.

The Leclerc cost price operation during the holiday crossover weekend

But in the middle of summer, and during the school holidays, it is in the Leclerc resorts that you will find the best prices. Since then Thursday July 28 and until Saturday July 30, the fuel as the price of the cost of 696 Leclerc service stations, excluding motorways, announced the sign in a press release. While currently, a liter of Unleaded 95 and diesel costs around €1.90, Leclerc customers will benefit from a few cents reduction. Leclerc stores have already reduced their margins on these products.

Fuel vouchers, large wheeler allowances, help at rural stations: where are the other roads being discussed?

Other measures are sometimes discussed by the government or the opposition in purchasing power, on the other hand, remain for a while in the status of proposals, by the leaders. Or even buried. This is the case, for example, of “Workers’ fuel allowance” also called “fuel voucher” of some ministers a few days ago. In fact, in mid-July, the government specified the framework for this means tested assistance, for public officials, apprentices, self-employed and employees, which was set up in October for employees who use their car to go to work. she should be between 100 and 300 euros, depending on income level and distance traveled. But the LR group in the Assembly found this aid intact, preferring the liter discount, which therefore benefits everyone.

Rural service stations must be supported by the state by the end of the year to enable them “Play the game”, the government explained while these small stations have higher transportation costs than the city. On Monday night, the representatives actually voted for an amendment to the LR that provides financial support of €15 million for small and medium-sized independent service stations, mainly in rural areas.

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