what happened behind the scenes of “Télématin”?

REPORTAGE – France 2 serves a smiling breakfast to its viewers every day. After a successful season, the four hosts of this meeting reveal the atmosphere that reigns behind the cameras.

The song was not chosen at random. According to a scientific study conducted by a cognitive neuroscience researcher, this masterpiece of the Queen group released in 1979 can be a launch of happiness. Every music lover will feel a unique sense of well-being in the sound of this hit. It is not surprising that the “Télématin” teams were chosen Don’t Make Me Stop Now as a generic. From Monday to Sunday, from 6:30 a.m. on France 2, hundreds of thousands of French people eat this slice of good humor for breakfast, where a duo of presenters generously spreads a information jam. A hearty meal whose menu consists of many recurring tables, and a television news every half hour.

Weather, cultural and international news, political interviews, funny notes, gems from the web, new technologies: the faces that illuminate this meeting juggle between laughter and seriously for three hours live. “Our audience is just as informed as if they were watching a news channel. The difference is that we give them a good mood., believes Julia Vignali, who piloted “Télématin” with Thomas Sotto, from Monday to Thursday. When the couple formed a year ago, the former host of “Best Pastry Chef” naturally took on the role of teaser when his friend wore more serious information on his shoulder. Very quickly, the two presenters released themselves from their label. Especially when the war broke out in Ukraine.

“It’s one of those shows you’ll never forget”

Maya Lauqué, presenter of “Télématin” on France 2.

For several weeks, more entertaining topics were relegated to the background in favor of more dramatic international news. “I was on the air the morning the war broke out in Ukraine. We actually broke the conductor. It’s one of those shows you’ll never forget.”says Maya Lauqué, who covers the morning show of France 2 from Friday to Sunday with Damien Thévenot, since August 2021. Before combining professionally with his sidekick for better or for worse, the journalist trained for eight years as an emblematic public service duo with Thomas Isle, of “La Quotidienne”, of France 5. “I consider Damien my new man”he confessed with humor, saying that the latter made it easier for him to join the team.

An alarm clock that rings at 3:30 in the morning.

Because this host knows the mornings of France 2 better than anyone. In 1998, he landed on “C’est au program”, hosted by Sophie Davant, before immediately appearing on “Télématin” the following year. He even became, in 2017, the joker of Laurent Bignolas, who brought this show for four seasons. On the eve of his 50th birthday, the alarm clock that rings at 3:30 in the morning no longer scares him. “I used to be reasonable and now I’m not… sometimes I let myself go out and I only sleep for two hours, he trusted. Paradoxically, I’m in better shape when I sleep less.

“What happens in this office does not come from it!” »

Thomas Sotto, presenter of “Télématin” on France 2.

On the other hand, Thomas Sotto was unable to mend his ways with the ringtone that dragged him from the arms of Morpheus every night. “It’s physical… Especially from November to March, when it rains a lot”, reports the joke of Laurent Delahousse, who nevertheless trembles with impatience at the idea of ​​finding his companions at the beginning of the school year. Because behind the cameras reigns an atmosphere of frank friendship. Every day, at 5 am, the journalist welcomes Julia Vignali with a coffee that she elegantly prepares, before taking over the office of Ophélie, the producer of the show, for a moment of relaxation.

With Victoire, their closest collaborator, joining this conflict, Julia and Thomas remake the world and exchange randomly. “This is our favorite gossip moment. But what happens in this office does not come out of it!, he promised. After several minutes of difficult negotiations, his playing partner finally let us go. “We laugh, we talk about those who came back from yesterday night… But, if something unexpected happens, like a columnist who is positive for Covid-19, it can also be hot”Julia Vignali revealed.

This light that dominates the corridors of France Télévisions in the morning is certainly explained by the excellent audience scores recorded by the show since the launch of the new version, in August 2021. From Monday to Friday, 800,000 honest consumers without moderation in this concentrate on joviality, ie more than 26% of the audience share. In one year, the first morning in France increased by 2 points. Faced with these results, the leaders of France Télévisions have no intention of revolutionizing the mechanics of the show. Only one or two columnists will join the bandwagon at the start of the next school year to inject a homeopathic dose of new blood.

Interviewer Caroline Roux handed Thomas Sotto the reins of “4 Truths”, the political interview scheduled every day at 7:40 am. “I approach this meeting with peace, excitement and humility”, trusts one who now questions the tenors of power. The presenter of “C dans l’air”, of France 5, left the liner “Télématin” to control “L’Émission politique”, which Thomas Sotto has brought together with Léa Salamé since 2018, and which he refused to invest again for the new season.

37 and over

Apart from this cathodic shift, the viewers have to find the appointment that they love so much. One where the good humor of the speakers is so talkative that it seeps through the screen. One where burning news mingles harmoniously with light information. The one to which Freddie Mercury compared himself, to Don’t Make Me Stop Now, to a shooting star leaping across the sky. Thirty-seven years after its arrival in public service, “Télématin” has not finished its throne in the expanse of the French audiovisual landscape.

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