what brands are offering excitement this summer?

The price of each liter remains extremely high, despite the order of March 2022 related to the exceptional assistance for obtaining gasoline. Richard Villalon / stock.adobe.com

Pressed by the government, some distributors decided to make a move to motorists in July and August.

All efforts cannot rely solely on the State and public spending“. At the end of June, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, decided to step up to the plate to encourage the private sector to participate in a greater part in the fight against high fuel prices. He believes that it has been done in government all to make a discount of 18 euro cents per liter, which will soon be strengthened.

The rebate on petroleum products comes against a backdrop of high inflation, which has pushed up pump prices. However, motorists can play competitively to save fuel. Le Figaro provides an update on the various fuel operations announced so far.

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A reduction of 12 cents directly on the liter of fuel at TotalEnergies

Among the suppliers, TotalEnergies chose to directly apply an additional discount to the pump price. The latter, which is applied to motorway stations, is added to the rebate given by the executive, further reducing the fee.

TotalEnergies emphasizes on its website its commitment to inflation. Total Energy

This step was introduced after the intervention of Bruno Le Maire, who specifically encouraged the company to create a “more effortto motorists, in anticipation of the holidays. TotalEnergies announced on Thursday, June 29 a reduction of 12 cents per liter of fuel at all its motorway stations. This measure applies from July 1 and for the entire duration of the summer holidays, i.e. until August 31.

The rebate will then be strengthened: from September 1 to November 1, it will increase to 20 cents per liter, at all TotalEnergies stations in France. It will drop to 10 cents, between November and December. These deductions applyfrom the first liter purchased, with no limit on the amount, for all gasoline sold at the stations“said the company. They also allowed the group to show its commitment against inflation, while some elected officials called for the creation of a tax on “profitsdone by some companies for a few months.

At the same time, Leclerc will organize, in the last week of July, a fuel operation at cost price. It will be operational from Thursday night and it will concern all the stations of the Leclerc shopping centers, said the emblematic boss of the distributor, Michel-Edouard Leclerc, to FranceInfo, recently.

Reduce the price of food, if not the price of fuel

Not all brands are moving to directly reduce fuel prices. Aviation”do not communicate“, thus, and Intermarché determined not “The fuel operation is scheduled for today“. This is also true for Auchan, Carrefour and Système U. Head of press relations for the latter group, Thierry Desouches explains this lack of direct measurement with an economic argument: “You just have to remember that we have to keep our finances balanced and you have to know that our margin is very small on fuel. The price of fuel is a leader in the loss but the initiatives have initially calmed down“, requested the representative of the distributor.

As for BP service stations, the group indicated that there were no “further commercial movement of those already planned by the State and motorway companies due to strong pressure on energy prices“. The tanker remembered, however, that “Motorway companies introduce price caps for all petrol dispensers on motorway networks subject to charges“.

Get a portfolio of retail customers

Some players are still moving to ease the portfolio of their customers, by betting on low food prices. This is the case of Auchan or BP, which “offer discounted menus at our grocery stores as well as attractive menu offers at our catering outlets“. Intermarché gives pride of place to its customers with a loyalty card, while Carrefour strengthens its food promotion offers.

Casino brands (Géant Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Small Casino, Spar, Vival) offer to reduce the fee, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, by paying the user the difference between the price paid for a full tank and 0.85 euros. Several conditions are set: payment is made in the form of vouchers, which must also be used at the end of the week, “from 100 euros spent“in the store. This also happens “within a limit of 50 liters per vehicle and per ticket“. Finally, the offer will remain in place every summer weekend and will end in September. This reduction in the price of fuel should therefore mean shopping at the various Casino stores.

So the informed consumer can compare the offers of different brands to best protect his portfolio. The situation may change in September, the executive then wants to change the discount per liter, by increasing it.

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