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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Paul has something to hide, Emma returns to Sète for the holidays. At the same time, William’s attentions arouse Aurore’s suspicions.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow belong to us broadcast tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Thursday July 28 Tomorrow is ours…


Commander Constant continues his investigation into the new events at the stud farm. After learning that Doctor Dumaze made a transfer of 15,000 euros to Diane a few days before her disappearance, Martin went to the Saint-Clair hospital to ask him some questions. Renaud confirmed that he had given money to his friend then explained that Diane wanted to start a new life abroad. So the doctor agreed to help him financially without knowing. Since then, he hasn’t heard from her since. When Renaud tries to figure out why she’s asking all these questions, Martin replies that he suspects Diane wanted to kill Samuel twice.

Without waiting, Renaud arrives at his son’s house and scolds him for talking about Diane’s suicide attempt to the police. By justifying himself, Samuel showed that he only needed to understand what was happening. However, Renaud has no desire to bring up old stories from the past, especially because it is dangerous to threaten the life of his son.

Meanwhile, Georges and Martin investigate the investigation. Certain that Diane and Renaud are having an affair, Commander Constant thinks the doctor paid his mistress to get rid of him. According to him, Renaud should have used his authority to achieve his goal. By understanding that she will not touch the inheritance, Diane would have taken revenge and therefore it is a question of revenge through filial piety.

In the stud, Samuel apologizes to Paul for his behavior the previous day, but he doesn’t reject it. With everything going on, Paul says he probably had the same reaction. The two men immediately agreed to be together.

For her part, Marianne confides in Chloé that she sees Renaud as a bit nervous at the moment. And it’s not just that Doctor Delcourt suspects that she is hiding something from him. A situation that Marianne is sick of with the impression that she doesn’t know her husband very well. For her part, Chloe was sure her stepfather would talk to her later.

At the same time, Anne-Marie returns home to her grandson in a panic because she is sure she is being followed. Only, Victoire found him confused for a few days and asked him to rest. Unfortunately, Anne-Marie took it badly.

At the end of the day, Paul helps Georges and Martin find the stud farm archives. When he understood that the police were investigating Diane, the stable manager stated that he had not seen her since she left before his arrival. In addition, he wants to know why Solange’s former protégé is suspected by the police. When Commandant Constant said that he believed he was the one who tried to kill Samuel, Paul became angry. Once alone, he threw Diane’s notebooks, clothes, and identity card into the fire.


Raphaëlle is in Paris and Maud in Toulouse, Dorian plans to spend a few days with Camille. When the teenager hopes to take a romantic vacation, Camille tells him that it’s not just the two of them. In fact, Emma returned to Sète for the holidays.

After thanking her friend for welcoming her, Emma explained that she was no longer with Colin and that she wanted to have fun. According to him, it was a crazy summer. Words that don’t seem to appeal to Dorian.

Afterwards, they enjoyed the swimming pool. The opportunity for Emma to discuss the topic Stanislas. Although Camille didn’t really want to talk about it, Emma said she didn’t understand how she could continue living in this house. Annoyed, the Perraud woman abruptly ended the conversation. Immediately, Emma apologized to him.

Afterwards, Emma went to St. Clair Hospital to see Benjamin. Happy to see him again, he tells her that he finally sent in his emancipation application and that he can’t wait for his parents to be gone. Benjamin advised her to take time to discuss with the guardianship judge, Emma replied that she was sure of her decision. Concerned for her, the doctor reminds her that he is there for her if she needs anything.

At the end of the day, Dorian offers to order pizzas and watch a movie. However, Emma doesn’t find this entertaining enough and offers to throw a party instead. Since he has no money, he convinces Camille to organize a small party by the pool without asking her mother’s permission.


William redoubled his efforts to rekindle the flame in his marriage. After a romantic dinner, the doctor has a bouquet of roses that his wife delivers to the police station. While her colleagues are trying to find out if her husband has something to forgive, Aurore assures us that not before reminding them that she will receive flowers from the person she loves without anyone thinking that she is unfaithful.

Despite everything, Aurore asked herself. So she waited to have lunch at Spoon with William to ask him if he was cheating. Deeply hurt by such accusations, William regretted that he could no longer make even the slightest romantic gesture without arousing suspicion.

At night, the atmosphere is electric in Dauniers, which did not escape Manon who prefers dinner in his room. Realizing that they have become an old couple, Aurore and William reconcile. After they share a moment of intimacy, Aurore offers her husband to leave for the weekend in Collioure but the latter falls asleep before he can answer her.

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