the elimination of Les Bleues in the semi-finals did not erase a good course

Defeats are often experienced as failures. That of the French women’s team that was defeated at the gates of the Euro football final by the Germans (2-1), one of the eyes of the coach, Corinne Deacon: “We cannot say that this is a successful Euro. The final victory is our ambition, we will not be satisfied with the defeat. »

But some losses can be used for the future. This is the case for Les Bleues, who left England having finally played in a “last four” of the continental competition, which has never happened to them. “ Not everything is thrown away. We build things, have a solid base. We need a little more time”also argued with Corinne Deacon.

This last broken glass ceiling has a “back to it” flavor for the players and the coach. The continuation of the latter until the 2023 World Cup is no longer in doubt, he who is asked by the French Football Federation to reach the semi-finals of this Euro.

Some of the Northerner’s options, inducted in 2017, have been debated following a lackluster 2019 World Cup at home. His management was also criticized. Finally, he can boast that he was able to lead the Tricolores in this promising campaign in Europe and contributed to bringing French women closer to the international summit. A look back at Corinne Deacon’s tenure at the helm of Les Bleues at four key moments.

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The failure of the 2019 World Cup

Corinne Deacon was able to use the defeat in the quarter-finals of the 2019 World Cup against the United States (1-2). The disappointment experienced three years ago in the Parc des Princes in Paris served as a motivational basis, especially since the Americans were crowned a few days later.

“We were disappointed at the time. But, in retrospect, we lost by one goal against the world champions, who were unplayable. And we didn’t laugh or win. We even tied sometimes.remembers Aline Riera, ex-international, near Corinne Deacon.

“This is not a small team in front, although they have a way to beat them”, abundant in Sandrine Roux. The former goalkeeper, who played in Euro 1997 with Corinne Deacon, the first in the history of Les Bleues, believes that this defeat allowed the technician to start introspection. “After the failures come the observations and Corinne has this ability to observe the dysfunctions, first in herself, then in the players. She knows very well to ask herself and that’s what she does. »

The removal of executive players

Corinne Deacon proved it during this Euro: no player – no matter how indisputable – has the immunity totem and is not sure to start the game. This establishes the idea of“balance” as the basis of any success in the game. “We don’t always do our best to find a balance at the team level”he explained to April.

He did not hesitate to separate from Amandine Henry, midfielder and captain of the 2019 World Cup, or Eugénie Le Sommer, top scorer of the event, two players who play in Lyon, the most successful club in Europe. . The first expressed discomfort with the 2019 World Cup group in an interview with Canal + in November 2020, the date of its final selection, which provoked “girls crying in their bedroom”.

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It would be an understatement to say that the technician did not taste these declarations. “Before talking to the media, it would be good to talk to the person concerned. It’s good, sometimes, to wash your dirty laundry with your family.he said in October 2021. [Amandine Henry] paid for his release from the press, and his book. It was a non-event because we found replacements, and they did the job well. “said Aline Riera today.

“If he felt their presence was important, he would have taken them. He is not sentimentality, but builds a team to succeed”remembers Marilyn Fort, historical leader of Soyaux, the only club of Corinne Deacon.

The support of Noël Le Graët

The former defender and captain of the French team arrives on the bench of Les Bleues with a lot of confidence. “We rolled out the red carpet for him. Everyone in the federation is happy with his appointment and feels that he is the right person., remembers a former best friend of the group.

But the quarter-final lost in the 2019 World Cup against the Americans was below the goals set by the coach himself, who advanced to an ambitious end.. “The federal cap is the semis. But the [Fédération française de football] very happy with the success of the Mondial, and the imitation was aroused that he passed between the drops”declares this same old source to be close to the tricolor group.

The support of Noël Le Graët, the president of the French Football Federation (FFF), has never been denied. “I have complete confidence in him. For me, there is no doubt, she is the woman in the position to continue the development of the national team”he said in June 2019 in an interview with Parisianafter the elimination of the World Cup.

He intervened again in support, in December 2020, in the heart of the “crisis” caused by Amandine Henry: “That Corinne is angry with Pierrette, Paulette… The important thing is that she won”, he said.

Before the start of the Euro, the president of the FFF assured that the contract of the coach “It will definitely change until the World Cup at least”in July 2023. “If you have confidence in your boss, you will be more at ease in” doing. ask the [Didier] The fields [le sélectionneur des Bleus]it comes first”said Sandrine Roux.

Youth bonus

Corinne Deacon’s mandate was also marked by the contribution of new blood. If the average age of this Euro is the same as during the 2019 World Cup (about 26 years old), eight players in the outfield. (who did not play as goalkeepers) played their first final in England. And some managed to pull out of the game.

“I really like Clara Matéo for her speed, her technique and her vision of the game. She is always fair and very strong in the last pass “, expands former midfielder Louisa Necib about noh 10.

Selected as the best player against the Netherlands in the quarterfinals and author of a unique entry against Germany, Selma Bacha was also part of the revelations. Like striker Melvine Malard. “These young Lyonnaises have international experience in the Champions League. They come with a certain maturity to the challenge, the pressure., said international Gaëtane Thiney.

“There is a need for new blood. We should not wait until the last moment to change the workforcesaid Sandrine Roux, coach of the under-23 goalkeepers. We still have young quality players who will go to the Under-20 World Cup in August and can join the A’s in a year or two. »

A good omen before the 2023 World Cup. “We will grow and try to bounce back. We reached the semi-final; next is the final”advocate Selma Bacha has warned.

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