The controversy of Laurent Kérusoré: The producer of “Plus belle la vie” gives his version of the facts

This was an interview that went unnoticed. In the latest issue of “Ici Paris” published on Wednesday, the actor of “Plus belle la vie” Laurent Kérusoré was very angry with the management of France Télévisions about the imminent end of the soap opera. Thomas’ interpreter pointed to Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez, the number two of public service boss Delphine Ernotte-Cunci, who declared: “He sent one to his right arm. We were fired by an enarque who, in two years, would work in a bank or in Orange. Fired by an enarque, I don’t understand…“. A few lines earlier, the 48-year-old actor launched: “I think the public service is proud to have us… A priori not“.

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“I immediately called Laurent”

A release that the Newen company, which produced “Plus belle la vie”, could not leave unanswered. Present within the Marseille team since 2008 and co-producer for three months of this daily soap opera with Serge Ladron de Guevara, Claire de la Rochefoucauld reacts to the day after a telephone conversation in the form of explanations with Laurent Kérusoré. “I immediately called Laurent to get his version of the facts because I was surprised. Of course, I don’t agree with him at all.“, he said. And to remember: “Actors are always free to express themselves as they wish“.

Regarding the content of the interview, Claire de la Rochefoucauld chose to give the benefit of the doubt to her actor, who has been in the credits of the series since 2005.He found that the ‘Ici Paris’ article distorted what he said and he really didn’t like the image it gave him. He wants to end the series in style and the article on the contrary sends back the image of a man who is angry and hateful. For him, this was not his state of mind and it did not show in all the interviews he had. Laurent was very affected. He felt that he was completely broken“, he confessed.

The producer of “Plus belle la vie” assures that his teams continue to work in harmony with those of France Télévisions: “From the beginning and until now, we have worked together with France Télévisions. They decided to end the series. This is the life of the series. A series ends soon. We had 18 happy years. In fact, the end is very good, both artistically and socially.“. And Claire de la Rochefoucauld in reference to the human resources representatives of France Télévisions and Newen who are present almost every day in the studios of Belle de Mai to receive the technicians or even the artistic agent Tamara Martin- Laval was hired to accompany the actors until December.

“They took advantage of an emotionally complex moment for Laurent”

I don’t want the comments, perverse or not, of an actor to sow discord at the end of the series unfolding as best it can.“, declared the producer of the dean of French soap operas.”Laurent is a very sensitive person, who gave everything to the series for 18 years. He has not shot anywhere else than in ‘Plus belle la vie’. It was a choice on his part. And he has also done many other interviews where he has never made such comments. They make the most of an emotionally complicated moment for Laurent“, believed that Claire de la Rochefoucauld knew about “Ici Paris”.

He assured her:When actors mock France Télé, they are especially put at risk because they have careers to pursue.“. When an important page in the history of French fiction will be returned on November 18 with the broadcast of the last episode and the final bonus of “Plus belle la vie”, the producer wants to continue to improve for his teams : “It’s not life-ending, it’s life-changing. We will make sure, like the end of the series, that it is as successful as possible“.

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