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There are many challengers who have challenged the master of multiplayer fighting game or Platform Fighter for years. In 2022, a new competitor will enter the arena with a cast from the Warner Bros. universe. and a Free to Play formula. Can MultiVersus dethrone Super Smash Bros?

Warner Bros. Multiverse

Fighting games rarely shine in their script. The Mortal Kombat, Tekken and Guilty Gear franchises are all exceptions that prove the rule, but fighting video games in general struggle to offer scripted campaigns worthy of the name. MultiVersus, it is known, made a radical choice… pure and simple to abandon this aspect to focus 100% on a multiplayer experience that is both competitive and cooperative. The game created by Player First Games still offers a context, without a real “lore” to justify the presence of all these fictional characters.

For a mysterious reason that remains so, many iconic figures from the main licenses of Warner Bros. invited to compete after being brought into common arenas. Nothing else enhances a multiverse that serves above all as justification for fierce combat. MultiVersus literally offers itself an intergenerational cast for its launch with no less than 17 fighters including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn (DC Comics), Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry, and Taz (Looney Tunes), Arya Stark (Game of Thrones), Sammy and Vera (Scooby-Doo), Garnet and Steven ( Steven Universe), Finn the Human and Jake the Dog (Adventure Time), The Iron Giant and finally Lebron James version Space Jam. Player Fist Games even imagined an original character named Chien-Reindeer. Note that two more fighters are coming in the month of August… Rick and Morty from the eponymous series.

The battles must take place in the iconic places of the various sagas mentioned above. During the Open Beta, 7 arenas are available, starting with the Batcave, Haunted Scooby Mansion, TROPHY ROOM, Lab, House Tree, and more. Warner Bros. doesn’t do things in the middle and relies above all on fan service to please different communities. The actress Maisie Williams thus lends her voice to the character of Arya Stark (Game of Thrones), and also to Kevin Conroy, interpreter of the Dark Knight in the legendary animated series Batman: The Animated Series of 1992.

Ensuring that the entire roster is fully represented by a common art direction is not easy. However, the artists of the Player First Games studios managed to unite all the franchises by offering extremely smooth “3D cartoon” visuals that emphasize the details of the fighters. These icons of pop culture are thus honored and enjoyed for some in a second youth, which pleases the fans. Then MultiVersus remains fluid in all conditions, regardless of engine, which is important for a fighting game.

The art of versus

MultiVersus is a multiplayer fighting game heavily inspired by the master… Super Smash Bros. Player First Games studios took the formula of the perfect Platform Fighter and kept its essence. The concept is simple and effective. Many players compete in a 2D arena and seek to eject from it by increasing the damage gauge that accelerates the ejection. The game from Warner Bros. however, trying to stand out from the competition by making some changes and innovations that never touch the main principles inherent in this sub-genre.

Regulars will not be too confused by the mechanics of the game that will assimilate easily to make the game accessible to as many people as possible. It emerged from the battles of an immediate entertainment made of chain attacks, dodges and calculated risk-taking. MultiVersus relies mainly on nervous, sometimes chaotic games, and a cooperative dimension to attract players. Cooperation is central here, and can make the difference between victory and defeat at the highest level. All characters, with a small number of moves, are thus designed to create synergies with others, changing the way of fighting by encouraging players to be strategic.

Although deprived of a scripted campaign, MultiVersus offers several game modes, all online, to satisfy lovers of fighting. Cooperation is unsurprisingly highlighted by 2v2 and Coop vs AI, with the addition of endless 1v1 and All for Yourself aimed at purists as well as the Lab that serves as a training area. Solo’s only option is to deal with bots in the modes mentioned above. The latest production of Warner Bros. There are also local multiplayer modes for 2 to 4 players, except for Coop vs IA, which will appeal to lovers of versus between friends.

Good news does not come alone, MultiVersus is cross play and cross save. So it is possible to deal with players on PC, PlayStation and Xbox without difference, and transfer your progress from one machine to another. Fortunately, moreover, because the Light-RPG dimension integrated by the developers pushes to play a particular character to increase his skill level and thus unlock passive bonuses called Assets. “Farming” this increased power in each engine is simply unthinkable and Warner Bros. it is well understood. However, it should be recognized that these abilities give their users a definite advantage once in the arena that can never be deterred. Players also gain XP, and therefore levels, with the sole purpose of unlocking cosmetic rewards and virtual currency.

Multiversus: a free alternative to Super Smash Bros.  accessible and fun?

Free to fight

MultiVersus is a Free to Play, understand here that the game published by Warner Bros. available for free. However, this business model includes in-app purchases and an entire environment that encourages spending. Two virtual currencies – Gold and Gleamium – allow you to get character options, Assets or even XP boosts to unlock characters faster and even to buy the Battle Pass for the current season. Note that fighters created for free go through a weekly rotation every Tuesday. Therefore an available character may not be accessible later, unless you have already “purchased” it.

A great classic of modern Free Play, Battle Pass invites players to complete a long series of “level” challenges to cross different levels one by one (50 in number) . The ultimate goal is to gain rewards, mostly cosmetic, with the Holy Grail of new variants for fighters. There are actually two Battle Passes with their own rewards… one free and another Premium and therefore payment that offers more interesting things and above all new skins. All these features will be said above all to players who want to unlock everything to enjoy 100% of MultiVersus. However, the experience created by Player First Games is pleasurable without a penny. The Free to Play approach allows anyone to try their hand at fighting games…a philosophy worth embracing.

Multiversus: a free alternative to Super Smash Bros.  accessible and fun?


Strong points

  • The artistic direction of “Cartoon 3D”
  • Nervous, fun and quick battles
  • Cooperation at the heart of the game (except 1v1)
  • Online and local game modes (1v1, 2v2, All for Yourself, Co-op vs AI)
  • The various list of fighters taken from Warner Bros. franchises.
  • The voices of the original actors (Batman and Arya Stark – only in English)
  • A cross play and cross save game
  • Optional in-app purchase

Weak points

  • Sometimes a chaotic battle
  • The lack of a true Solo mode
  • A cast is still very limited (17 – end of July 2022)
  • “Assets” tend to unbalance matchmaking

MultiVersus, currently in Beta but available, enters the ring with gameplay that is accessible to everyone, somewhat technical and then fun. This gives the show its five-star cast and colorful artistic direction. The number of characters is still small and the battles are sometimes not good, but this does not stop the Player First Games title from doing well. gateway for neophytes who want to discover the genre.

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