LIVE – Saudi Crown Prince in Paris: the issue of human rights will be addressed, according to Elisabeth Borne

After the McKinsey case, the government announced a ceiling of 2 million euros per mission

Four months after the controversy that arose from a senatorial report on the use of consulting firms by the State, the government will respond by publishing on Friday the first rules that will frame from 2023 the services entrusted to the private sector in ministries.

A ceiling of 2 million euros per mission should be set from 2023.

Let’s summarize the new provisions announced by the government and why senators are skeptical.

“Hello Ségur”: faced with the situation in hospitals, rebellious France launches “a popular commission of inquiry”

Starting this afternoon, about “a third” of the group of LFI deputies will go to the hospitals in their constituency to assess the needs, to report in mid-September the “catastrophic” condition of the establishments.

This “popular inquiry commission”, called “Hello Ségur, the deputies of the hospitals”, aimed concretely to “raise the needs” and “build lists to have something concrete basis”, explained representative Nathalie Oziol in a press conference.

The goal is to create a report, to propose a “counter-budget” to the government’s Social Security financing bill, which will be reviewed from October by the National Assembly.

Resolution of a Communist deputy on “apartheid” in Israel: Bergé criticizes “anti-Zionism” as “fighting anti-Semitism”

The controversy did not stop coming back from the filing of a resolution by a Communist deputy criticizing the “apartheid regime” of Israel “against the Palestinian people”.

“In this resolution, the worst anti-Zionism is arguing with anti-Semitism (…). If this destructive resolution is examined within our Assembly, the deputies of the Renaissance group will know how to fight it with strength and determination ” , advance in a press release Aurore Bergé, the president of the Renaissance group (ex LaRem) and Sylvain Maillard, vice-president of the group.

Socialist deputy Jérôme Guedj criticized his part in a resolution that “sweats hatred for Israel”.

If you haven’t been following the controversy, we explain it all here.

Saudi crown prince in Paris: no doubt in “our commitment to human rights”, according to Elisabeth Borne

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne spoke about Emmanuel Macron’s reception this Thursday evening by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman.

“It is not a question of questioning our commitment in favor of human rights. The President of the Republic will certainly have the opportunity to speak about it with Mohammed Ben Salmane”, he assured.

In a statement, the Elysée confirmed that the head of state “will respond to the issue of human rights” of the Saudi crown prince.

Many NGOs criticized this meeting beforehand because of Mohammed Bin Salman’s involvement in the death of a Saudi journalist.

Olivia Grégoire will debate with Adrien Quatennens at the LFI summer universities

The minister in charge of SMEs will talk to the representative of the North of France Insoumise on August 27 next about purchasing power, according to information obtained by The Parisian and confirmed by

> Our article on this topic.

Olivier Véran believes that “we are at the peak of inflation and that it will begin to fall in 2023”

The government spokesman assured that the inflation currently experienced in France “will start to fall in 2023”.

“We are at the peak of inflation and it will start in the fall of 2023, we are intervening very strongly with the law of purchasing power at a time when this inflation is very important so that it affects purchasing power as little as possible. in French ” declared Olivier Véran while traveling in Indre-et-Loire.

He also identified several reasons for this inflation, such as the war in Ukraine and “repeated imprisonment” in China.

Olivier Véran assured that without the government’s tariff shield the electricity bill “would have increased by 30 or 40%”

Traveling to Sublaines Indre-et-Loire, the government spokesman assured that without the “blocking measures” imposed by the government, French electricity bills would increase by “30 to 40%” instead of 4% .

“The electricity bill has increased by 4%, as in a normal year, it should increase by 30 or 40%, this is a difference of 700 euros per year average” he declared. The same thing for gas “which did not increase by 1% when it should have increased by 20 or 30%.”

“It would have exploded if we had not intervened, we limited the level of inflation,” he added.

The environmental group of the Senate called for a “sobriety” plan against the government’s “measurements”.

The environmental group of the Senate presented Thursday in a press conference ten steps to “register energy sobriety in our daily life”, by accelerating the energy renovation of buildings, reducing the speed of roads, or even by banning billboards.

These “fast and concrete” measures are subject to change. They also crush the text in favor of purchasing power and government “measures”, which are synonymous with “brainwashing”.

“In the talk with the government, we are continuing,” said Guillaume Gontard, president of the group, but “now we want action”.

“We are confident”: the Minister of Culture aims to reopen Notre-Dame in 2024

During a visit to the site, Rima Abdul Malak, the Minister of Culture, expressed confidence in reopening the cathedral of Notre-Dame in 2024 to the public and worship.

“We are confident that the year 2024 will be the year of completion of a large part of this project, from the opening of the cathedral to worship and the public,” he told AFP. continue beyond this date.

Yannick Jadot criticized the invitation of Mohammed ben Salmane to the Elysée

The former environmentalist presidential candidate criticized on Twitter the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the Elysee Palace last Thursday.

“On the dinner menu between Emmanuel Macron and MBS, the dismembered body of the journalist Khashoggi? Climate chaos? Peace and human rights? Overshoot day? No! Oil and weapons! The exact opposite of what We need to do!” Yannick Jadot criticized on Twitter.

Technical inspection of two wheels: Christophe Béchu assures that an alternative will be offered “before January 1”

While the Council of State on Wednesday ruled illegal the two orders issued in August 2021 aimed at postponing the entry into force of the mandatory technical inspection of two-wheelers until January 2023 and then suspend all measures, assured the Minister of Ecological Transition. in the LCI this Thursday that an alternative to the technical control will be proposed “before the next January 1”.

“We do not have tools for measuring the pollution of thermal vehicles, whatever they are, but we have the right to choose an intelligent system, rather than a stupid system”, he also stated.

Overshoot Day: Christophe Béchu recalls that on a global scale “today, but for France it is May 5”

The Minister of Ecological Transition Christophe Béchu spoke at the LCI this Thursday about the day of the overshoot, the date on which humanity uses all the resources that the planet can produce in a year without running out. .

“The day of the global overshoot is today, but for France it is May 5. If we all live like the French on a global scale, the day of the overshoot is May 5” and- he hammered.

The minister also wants to remember that “for the first time, the day of the overshoot is the same as 5 years ago”, a situation that “was helped by the Covid but also by a certain number of decisions made” during Emmanuel Macron. first term.

50 years of the National Front: Jordan Bardella “doesn’t know” if he will invite Jean-Marie Le Pen

The acting president of the National Rally said on Thursday on France 2 that he does not know if he will invite Jean-Marie Le Pen to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the party he created under the name Front National next October.

“I don’t know if I will invite Jean-Marie Le Pen. The truth is that without her our movement would not exist, but without Marine Le Pen it would not exist,” said Jordan. Bardella.

Amendment of the financial bill: for Jordan Bardella, the majority of the president “commits an act of institutional piracy”

Jordan Bardella, acting president of the National Rally, returned Thursday morning to amend the finance bill voted by the National Assembly on Wednesday.

He criticized in France 2 “an act of institutional piracy” by the representatives of the presidential majority.

“The representatives of the National Rally allowed the vote on the wage increase, the reindexation of retirement pensions to the level of inflation. government, changed the second vote to cancel the first vote” he denied, describing this procedure is “scandalous” and “undemocratic”.

Jordan Bardella also estimates that these measures for purchasing power proposed by many “will not allow the French to breathe with dignity at the end of the month and live off the fruits of their labor”.

Michel-Edouard Leclerc guest of BFMTV-RMC at 8:35 am.

This Thursday this is Michel-Edouard Leclerc, president of the strategic committee of E.Leclerc centerswho was the guest of Amandine Atalaya at 8:35 am on BFMTV-RMC.

Elisabeth Borne is going to start a stage of the Tour de France Women

The Prime Minister is expected in the morning, from 10:30, in Bar-le-Duc, in Lorraine, where the start of the fifth stage of the Tour de France Women will take place.

He will talk to sportswomen, before lunching later in the day with parliamentarians and local elected officials.

On his return from Africa, Emmanuel Macron will receive Mohamed Ben Salmane

A “working dinner” between the French president and the Saudi crown prince. Emmanuel Macron will receive this Thursday evening Mohammad Bin Salman at the Élysée, during the latter’s official visit to France.

This is the prince’s first visit to Europe since he was isolated after the killing of a journalist critical of the Saudi regime. jamal khashoggi, in Istanbul, which he was supposed to “validate” according to American intelligence. The implication that Saudi Arabia has always denied.

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