Dreame vacuum cleaners have dropped in price for the summer on AliExpress

Never stingy with good deals, AliExpress now offers attractive price reductions on various references from the Dreame catalog. The opportunity to discover the best vacuum cleaners, brooms or robots of the brand from 129.76 euros.

Little known a few years ago, Dreame is now an important player in the vacuum cleaner market. Why? Well, simply because the Chinese brand makes products that include competitive strengths, but with a more attractive price position.

It is enough to get brooms vacuum cleaners or robots full of technology, extremely efficient, and above all very cheap, as evidenced by the promotions currently available on AliExpress.

AliExpress Dreame offers in short:

Dreame Bot D9: suction and washing in a device for 224.61 euros

With its D9, Dreame offers a complete robot vacuum cleaner, capable of absorbing dirt and cleaning the most stubborn stains with its mop. Versatile, it has several cleaning modes to adapt to the types of floor or your needs (quick cleaning, deep cleaning, suction only, etc.).

On the technical sheet side, the Dreame D9 takes the honors. Thus it can rely on a 270 mL water tank, a 570 mL dust tank and above all a strong suction up to 3000 Pa. It also has a dynamic mapping system and LDS laser navigation that allows it to avoid obstacles as well as possible. and optimize its cleaning route.

Dream D9

A complete application and compatibility with Amazon Alexa completes the already stocked range of this vacuum cleaner. Currently, and by collecting a coupon of 8 euros with a code SDFR724you can find it for 224.61 euros on AliExpress.

Dreame V9: the efficient and versatile broom vacuum cleaner for 129.76 euros

For the Dreame, a good motor makes good suction. And the V9 is the perfect illustration. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with the Dreame Space 3.0 digital motor, which is able to reach 100,000 revolutions per minute and develop a maximum suction of 20,000 Pa, which is far from trivial. It also relies on a cyclonic dust separation system that allows it to purify the air of particles down to 0.3 microns.

This separation system is just one of the links in the air cleaning system which, among other things, is completed with several filters, including a fully washable HEPA. We will conclude this overview by addressing the autonomy of the Dreame V9, which is excellent with almost 60 minutes of normal use and 8 minutes in maximum mode.

Dream V9

Delivered with a motorized brush and many accessories that allow it to clean a wide variety of areas, the Dreame V9 benefits from a nice price reduction. Add to that a coupon of 8 euros as well as the promo code SDFR723 to bring it to 129.76 euros.

Dreame T30: the ultimate Dreame for 308.23 euros

The Dreame T30 is undoubtedly the most advanced stick vacuum cleaner that the manufacturer currently offers. Designed for performance, it has a real concentration of technologies that make it a champion in the fight against dirt. Its main property? An intelligent cleaning system that constantly analyzes the particles absorbed to adjust its power.

The Dreame T30 is based on a highly effective duo consisting of a powerful and quiet cyclone motor on the one hand and a mechanical brush specially designed to combat dirt on all types of floors on the other. To add to this, it has an autonomy of almost 90 minutes in eco mode, and 35 minutes in standard mode.


Far from bad, this vacuum cleaner has an HD screen that is able to display a lot of data, from the remaining battery to the data collected by the dust sensors through the filter usage indicator. By combining the current promotion with a coupon of 8 euros and the code SDFR722the Dreame T30 is currently available for 329 euros.

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