CONFIRMATION. Kidnapped by her ex, she finds her life changed forever

Because he couldn’t stand his girlfriend who wanted to leave him, Angel saw his life broken on the side of a highway…

On the morning of September 17, 2020, a girl with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail got out of a gray van. and speculated on a street in Loughborough, England. A young man wearing a white T-shirt got out of the same van, approached him and called him. Angry, the young woman continued on her way. He picked her up in a pincer movement with his strong arms and lifted her off the ground. Even though he struggled, he didn’t let go of his grip and managed to get him into the back of his gray van that sped away. These are the last pictures of Angel in full health that Nikki, his mother, will see.

A few hours later, the mother of the family received a call: Angel, 18, was taken to the hospital because he was in a coma. His dislocated body was found on the side of the highway. After the initial seven-hour operation, Nikki saw her daughter, unconscious, lying in her hospital bed. “I have never seen so many pipes and machines. His whole body was bruised. His swollen head was four times its normal size, one side was shaved and his hair was stained with blood.. .” Nikki in DailyMail.

“He doesn’t have a job and brags that he doesn’t need her. I don’t understand why he loves her”

Nikki and Patrick Lynn, her parents, quickly discovered that their daughter, Angel, had been kidnapped by her ex Chay Bowskill, 20, and that she fell almost to death from a van that was driven at 100 km / h in road, and was driven by a friend of her ex, Rocco Sansome. IThey are convinced that Chay Bowskill pushed Angel on the freeway. After a year of turbulent relations, the young woman had just left him, determined this time to never hear from him again. A break that the single did not accept. Since the drama, Angel has been living under respiratory assistance, unable to speak or move. He was trapped in his body.

“He can’t get married, he doesn’t have children, he doesn’t have a job, they ruined his whole life.” A future torn apart by jealousy and domestic violence. Mother of six children including an autistic little boy, Nikki made no secret of it, she always hated her daughter’s new “thug” boyfriend. “He always had a smile on his face, but Chay Bowskill took everything. He took him from his family, from his friends, from himself.” He never understood what he was holding on to. “He doesn’t have a job and brags that he doesn’t need anything. I have no idea why he loves her.”

“When they weren’t together, he asked Angel to come home at 6pm to make his calls”

Very quickly, Angel left the house. “He spent all his time with her at his mother’s house.” So Nikki was worried. Angel lost interest in his studies, his appearance changed, he isolated himself, he no longer saw his friends and family. “She was a beautiful girl, but she started wearing baggy tracksuits and all her college ambitions disappeared. She stopped hanging out with her older brothers, because I think she knew they were won’t tolerate the way Chay treated him.”

He watched her every move. “When they couldn’t be together, he called incessantly, asking Angel to come home at 6 p.m. to receive his calls, the mother lamented. When he went out with his friends, the young -the woman had to send photos to ‘prove’ where she was.” In every argument, Nikki asks her daughter to leave her, but the hold was too strong and Angel returned to his arms.

Since the first sentence was too light, the prosecutor himself appealed

In January 2022, the close Lynn family attended the trial in Leicester. “Hearing all the nasty names he called my son in his text messages, knowing how he mistreated her, badly, Nikki was shaking. Chay and Rocco never regret what happened to Angel. They never asked how. he. I don’t think they care.”

At the end of the deliberations, Rocco Sansome was sentenced to twenty-one months in prison and Chay Bowskill, having been convicted of offenses related to cannabis, possession of a knife, attempted theft, dangerous driving and car theft, sentenced to receive seven. and a half-year sentence for kidnapping, abuse and violence. But due to the lack of evidence, he was not found responsible for the serious injuries to Angel’s body. Finding the sentence too light, the prosecutor appealed. and on March 23, the court increased his sentence to twelve years in prison. Angel, he took life.

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