Titanic: an emblematic film actor died, the fans did not recover!

An actor of Titanic died on July 24, 2022, of a cancer-related illness. This was announced by his family. Don’t worry, it’s not a part Leonardo DiCaprio or Kate Winslet. We reveal his identity to you in this article.

This is David Warner

He was born in 1941 in Manchester and started his film career in the 1960s. But it was because of James Cameron, who gave him a chance in 1997, for his film Titanic, that he really made a name for himself by playing the valet Spicer Lovejoy. “He” is nothing but David Warner.

The latter, who was able to rub shoulders with Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet or Billy Zane, just left us at the age of 80. His family is announced the news of the BBC through a press release without actually giving the circumstances of his death other than the fact that he died of disease linked to cancer.

“Over the past 18 months, she has dealt with her diagnosis with grace and dignity,” her family told the BBC.

they is also shown in the press release:

“He will be greatly missed by his family and friends, and we will remember him as a kind-hearted, generous and compassionate man, colleague and father, whose extraordinary professional legacy touched the lives of many. »

He had a difficult childhood

If David Warner have a great career, nothing foreshadows such a wonderful fate. The actor actually had a difficult childhood, as Allociné explained. Especially because of the many movements and of his parents’ divorce. In these complicated conditions, he decided to start working very early, but not forgetting his love for the theater that allowed him to enter the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts later to become a member.

At that time he throwing several castings to try to get a role in the cinema or in a series. Having played in many projects, he was able to attract James Cameron who kept him for one of the biggest big movie hits.

Titanic allowed Leonardo DiCaprio to play his first major role and even painting Kate Winslet naked. Although in reality, it’s not about the actor drawing the actress’s portrait. The two actors were undoubtedly touched and saddened to learn of David Warner’s death.

Victim of false rumors

Billy Zane sad too hearing bad news. He was also given a tribute on Instagram, he who is victim of false gossip recently.

What exactly happened? the fake death news of the actor famous for his role in Titanic, was announced Monday afternoon on Twitter causing an unprecedented media frenzy. Don’t panic, at 56, Billy Zane is still alive and well.

Since Monday (July 25), a rumor launched on Twitter, about the potential death of Billy Zane, has set the social network on fire. You should know that the latter sells all kinds of informationthe real ones, but also the fake ones.

There is also the most terrible. In addition, on this topic, many personalities have become the subject of false rumors on social networks. This is the case of Billy Zan, American actor and producer.

“The Death of Billy Zane”

It all starts witha message. Then spread like a trail of powder.

“Billy Zane just left us. RIP “, can we read on the microblogging site Monday July 25 around 2 pm.

Rumors flared, soon, and flood the web. An hour later, another tweet was shared:

“The death of Billy Zane, confirmed by relatives of the actor. »

To highlight the impact of the announcement, this last tweet accompanied by a link to the Necropedia site (which however specifies that Billy Zane is not dead). According to a Celebrity Post poll, most (78%) rule Monday night Rumors of Billy Zane’s death in bad taste.

The actor’s team denied the rumours

it false information then picked up by some radio stations and then by the media around the world. Have to wait until Monday night to actor’s spokesperson making a brief statement that “firmly denies the death of Billy Zane”.

Fans are assured. If Twitter was a quick information tool, it would be you should be more careful.

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