The forgotten ticket scam, this real scourge is rampant throughout France, beware…

By believing that you are helping, you may become a victim of a scam. To prevent this from happening again, here are our tips!

All methods are good to get money from you. Initially, this was done through emails pretending to be taxes. If this state agency must pay you money, it will notify you by mail and not by electronic mail. Then, the merchant site where you ordered this item is not safe. Finally, on your phone, the fraudulent SMS is circulating. Make sure you don’t answer this, otherwise there will be surprises on your monthly bill. Near his house there is always a cash machine which we are not very used to. So we go there with confidence.

However, when you are on vacation or in a neighborhood that is out of your control, it often takes time to find one. However, counterfeiters have many methods to get your money in this exact location. now, Object Addressed scam around stolen ticket. At first glance, what you see may seem insignificant. And yet, in a few seconds, everything can change!

A cooling method

If you need to withdraw money, it is better to be with someone you trust. The latter will be able to monitor what is happening behind your back. Unfortunately, when you’re on your own, you have to work harder to watch your back. First, type your code as quickly as possible and away from prying eyes. It’s like you’re at the checkout of a store. Although the wifi / contactless payment has improved things. After dialing it, you should mentally check that you have everything, including cash and credit cards. And yes, one cannot go without the other!

As far as this scam goes, it is well put together. The bad guys think of every detail, including tricking your goodness. There is no question of intervening looking over your shoulder or attacking you physically. That era seems to be over. Because of the surveillance cameras installed around them, they are probably afraid of what will happen if the police recognize them.

Before you could finish getting your money back, the person behind you called. Did you leave a ticket inside the machine? Unless it is swallowed later? However, trusting the merits of this method, you are not thinking of a scam.

Now that you have one foot in this tool, the trap is almost upon you. So, the robber offers you to start the operation again. He has time, it doesn’t matter, it happens to everyone. This directly targets your empathy capital. However, since he was successful in gaining your trust, he took advantage of the opportunity to have free access to your code. No more hiding! And there, everything is very easy. The counterfeiter carefully recovers your credit card. He will continue to make you believe that the device in question is defective and that the machine has swallowed your payment method.

Spread the message!

There, you have to face the facts. You have nothing and no way to break the bank. Its doors are closed and you wait to contact them. By the time you realize it’s in the hands of this unscrupulous passerby… it’s too late! According to the police, the scam mainly targets the elderly. In fact, often dizzy or more naive than others, they do not have the physical capacity to protect themselves in case of trouble. In this house Object, we find it sad to attack vulnerable people in this way. Since this can happen to those around you, our team recommends that you circulate this method.

In addition, if you witness a similar scene, do not hesitate to explain to the victim that there is something fishy. More than ever, he is grateful to you! Also, we need to show solidarity so that this kind of fraud stops escalating. trust Object to list you in this kind of scam! More than feeling frustrated, we believe it is our duty to support you in all your daily procedures. Good luck and see you soon for a new point like this!

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