The departure of Thibaut Pinot from the Tour de France 2019

During the Tour de France 2019, the Alaphilippe – Pinot doublet gave the FFL a tough time. If the first wears the yellow jersey for 14 days, the second almost convinces us that the final victory is promised to him. The whole country began to dream, to believe in it. Finally, a Frenchman will win the Tour de France again. Before Friday, July 26 comes to close the door of their dreams.

A tumultuous start to the Tour for FFL

The big man at the start of the Tour was not Thibaut Pinot, but another Frenchman; Julian Alaphilippe. Yellow jersey from the 3rd stage, the native of Saint-Amand-Montrond lost it at the top of La Planche des Belles Filles at the expense of Giulio Ciccone. But during the 8th stage, which links Mâcon to Saint-Étienne, Alaphilippe found a great ally to regain his yellow tunic; Thibaut Pinot. The two Frenchmen mounted an attack and worked together under the nose and beard of the FFL. Julian became the overall leader again, Pinot gained time on his competitors. A dark day for what we feed.

But after 48 hours, French unity was broken to our utmost delight. Alaphilippe and his team tried a deadly curve in Pinot, Porte and Landa. Thibaut took 1”40 on the face. This is called getting air. The time trial in the city of Pau continues to widen the gap between Alaphilippe and Pinot. The first takes 49 seconds of the second. The FDJ leader is in 7th place, more than 3 minutes from the yellow jersey.

Pinot, a long betrayal that (still) does not pass

But when the animal is injured, it is more frightening than before. The next day, the peloton has an appointment at the top of the Tourmalet. Thibaut Pinot won his third stage of the Tour, but another hero took the spotlight that day. He is untrained in his pedals, but his vocal chords give us as much emotion as Pinot’s wild dancer. This Saturday, July 20, 2019, Marc Madiot will surely enter the legend.


An analysis of the best tactics.

For his part, Thibaut Pinot is trying to keep a cool head. And its purpose was revealed, which sent shivers down our spines.

“I’m aiming for the podium” T. Pinot

On the night of the 18th stage, Thibaut Pinot occupied 5th place in the classification, 1”50 from the leader Alaphilippe. The next day, the riders left Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne to reach the Col de l’Iseran. But from the start of the stage, Pinot fell out of the peloton. The seconds of difference in the peloton pass. Something is wrong.

Friday, July 26, 2019, Thibaut made us some Pinot

At 2:44 in the afternoon, the medical car approached him. Our friends from France Télévisions awakened a wasp sting, although they followed each of his steps for a documentary, and therefore know everything. The bastards. At 3:01 p.m., far behind the peloton, William Bonnet, accompanied by a shirtless, bare-bellied stranger carrying his beer, left in tears on his bike. The reason? The day before, Pinot hit his handlebars with his leg to keep from falling. Result: muscle damage in the left leg. bad luck struck again. And it was all the hopes of the tricolor that just flew forever. Like that, suddenly. National hangover for the motherland.

The boy shivered, and struggled with his bandaged leg. His thigh made him suffer martyrdom. The reason? The day before, Pinot hit his handlebars with his leg to keep from falling. Result: muscle damage in the left thigh. Jean-Michel Lapoisse wins again. And these are all the hopes of a country that just flew forever.

The man went to his team car. Although he is still aiming for the final victory, at least the podium. And to think that some dare to say that cycling is a boring sport. After Thibaut Pinot was cleared from injury, there was only one case left to settle: Julian Alaphilippe. The yellow jersey for two weeks in total, day Friday, July 26, will take care of removing his coveted tunic. Julian took 2”15 to reach the Col de l’Isoard when he was able to make up the time when the stage was over. It was demoted to second position, before exploding in flight the next day and falling to fifth position.

One of those days it’s good to get rid of the FFL.

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