LIVE – Germany-France: Les Bleues under pressure, Peyraud-Magnin on parade

Magull was found above

The German collapsed almost immediately in the penalty area, with Wendie Renard behind him … a move that was clearly exaggerated. The referee does not allow himself to be caught and continues the match.

Rauch takes the free kick

The left side clearly missed his attempt, which flew over the crossbar.

German corner

Hegering received the ball at the far post. His shot was blocked, but the Germans were ahead on the second ball… and caused another mistake, said Malard.


The free kick was well hit by Popp… and pierced the Les Bleues wall. Fortunately for France, Peyraud-Magnin relaxed and took the ball at the last moment.

Toletti warned

The full axis, Jule Brand started with his dribbles and completely surprised the block of Blue. Toletti eventually tripped his opponent’s leg and received a yellow card.

Offset free kick for Mannschaft

Magull tried a direct strike on this set piece on the edge of the penalty area. Peyraud-Magnin didn’t flinch and got the ball, with a walk.

Popp launched Magull

After a great recovery by Diani, Hegering played with Popp, who managed to hold onto the ball and play deep for Magull. Peyraud-Magnin had to come out of his cage to intervene from distance, by tackling the ball in touch.

Corner for Germany

Peyraud-Magnin intervened with authority in the air and returned the ball with his fists. Les Bleues almost went on the counter-attack… But the Mannschaft defended well and won the ball back.

We look at each other, we observe

The Germans kept the ball quietly, while the French did not dare to start pressing…

Corner taken by Diani

The French winger took advantage of a long ball, which seemed too deep, to get a corner while playing Rauch. The Germans struggled a bit to break free but did well in the end.

Long free kick for Germany

Däbritz sends a high cross into the Blue penalty area… Wendie Renard clears it with a header.

The kick was given!

Melvine Malard launched a tackle … and the French sent the ball out of the goal. Les Bleues are 90 minutes from their first Euro final. Can they topple the strong German team, who still haven’t conceded a single goal since the start of the competition?

It’s time for the Marseillaise

The French anthem rang out in Milton Keynes before the Deutschlandlied. Kick-off is almost here!

Grace Geyoro announced a “very determined” group

On TF1’s microphone, the midfielder announced the color of this semi-final: “The group is very determined. We are preparing well. We can’t wait for the match to start. It will be fought tonight. They are two very beautiful countries .”

To face English in the final

Last night, in another semi-final of this Euro, England defeated Sweden 4-0 and confirmed their status as home favorites. Whether for Germany or France, there is a lot to do to win at Wembley.

The Mannschaft wants to regain its title

With eight victories in twelve editions of the Women’s Football Euro, Germany has long dominated continental football. The Germans notably won six consecutive competitions, from 1995 to 2013 … before losing in the quarter-finals in 2017 against Denmark. The Danes then lost to the Netherlands in the final.

Let’s go to the warm-up

The stadium in Milton Keynes slowly filled up as kick-off approached as both teams prepared.

Conditions are bad

Real English weather is shaping up for tonight’s game. Overall, it was not too hot (about 17°C) and there were some showers during the meeting.

The loss of the mark on the German side

Tested positive for Covid yesterday, Klara Bühl is logically absent for this semi-final. A big blow for the Nationalmannschaft, because the winger is the player who created the most chances since the start of the Euro.

Les Bleues with the same starting lineup as the Netherlands opponent

Corinne Deacon decided to rely on the same players who started in the quarter-final against the Netherlands, this Wednesday night against Germany.

In goal, we found Pauline Peyraud-Magnin while in defense, Eve Périsset, Griedge Mbock, Wendie Renard (C) and Sakina Karchaoui had a heavy burden to prevent German attacks. In the midfield, Charlotte Bilbault, Sandie Toletti and Grace Geyoro were also renewed, as well as the three tricolor offensive players, Kadidiatou Diani, Melvine Malard and Delphine Cascarino.

The XI against Germany: Peyraud-Magnin – Périsset, Mbock, Renard, Karchaoui – Bilbault, Toletti, Geyoro – Diani, Malard, Cascarino

Germany’s XI: Frohms – Gwinn, Hendrich, Hegering, Rauch – Magull, Oberdorf, Däbritz – Huth, Popp, Brand.

Les Bleues have not changed their habits

Like every day of the match, the players of the French team did not change their habits in Milton Keynes.

A short walk this morning, followed by a final video session. Siesta this afternoon, last chat with Corinne Deacon and walk to the stadium.

Anthony Rech

Cascarino, the blue “wafer” that will attack Germany

The revelation of the tricolor attack since the start of the Euro, Delphine Cascarino will try to break the German lock this Wednesday. Facing a defense that hasn’t conceded a goal, the Blue’s winger plays a key role.

The possible line-up of Les Bleues against Germany

Corinne Deacon, coach of the France team, may renew against Germany the same eleven against the Netherlands in the quarterfinals … unless Selma Bacha makes him review his plans.

The probable composition of Blue: Peyraud-Magnin – Perisset, Mbock, Renard (c), Karchaoui – Bilbault, Toletti, Geyoro – Cascarino, Diani, Malard (or Bacha)

>> All information here

An impenetrable defense, a burning star … what is Germany worth?

On top of its great record, Germany has made a strong start to Euro 2022 before challenging the French team on Wednesday in Milton Keynes in the semi-final (9 pm). RMC Sport has made presentations on Les Bleues’ next rivals in England.

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On what channels to watch the game

The meeting will be co-broadcast by TF1 and Channel +. It will also be broadcast on RMC radio and the RMC Sport website and app, with our live commentary. The match will take place at Stadium MK in the city of Milton Keynes in England.

Hello there!

Welcome to our live to follow the first semi-final of the French team in the Euro. The Blues take on Germany on Wednesday (9 pm) in Milton Keynes, and aim to qualify for the final against host country England on Sunday.

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