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Typical of every pooch, Krypto – who arrived on Earth in the same pod as baby Kal-El – longs to be his master Superman’s best, and only, friend. For him it was the good life, until Lulu, an assless guinea pig empowered by a piece of kryptonite who kidnaps Superman and the Justice League. The craziest thing about this story is that we believe it (with a suspension of belief). The crazy pig is a real threat to the world that the film takes about thirty minutes to install. The smoke hero fight thus has an epic dimension that we didn’t see coming.

In addition to this compelling superheroism, Krypto and the Super Animals released with a mostly very funny humor, many flashes of dialogues and meta jokes parodying the universe of Batman and his super-pals. Sometimes, it looks like a version of Shrek in DC fashion, which is unpleasant. Most of the best witticisms must also be credited to the excellent Lulu, Dubbed in French by a perfectly comfortable Muriel Robin and that wipes out the rest of the cast – Denis Brogniart as Lex Luthor is as forgettable as it is incomprehensible in this role.

When is Superman v Lulu: Raising the Guinea Pigs?

So it’s unfortunate that the many strokes of genius in the screenplay torpedo extremely boring discussions. taking the form ofan over-explanatory moral of the power of super-friendshipthe lengths of dialogue from screenwriters Jared Stern and John Whittington will certainly test the patience of young viewers.

Above all, this weak handwriting is the cause complete lack of interest in very mundane secondary roleslike a pig that doesn’t feel good about itself, or a squirrel that looks like Scrat from The Ice Age. Some characters stand out the same, like the old super-speed turtle who hasn’t lost his libido and this cute but sadistic little cat who we only see twice (despite his presence in the attached). So it was disappointing to see so many animals only present for one important scene, before receding into the background for the rest of the season. Making all the members of a team is the difficulty in this kind of film, Krypto and the Super Animals the royal (canine) crashed at this point.

Krypto and the Super Animals: photoOne of the four interesting not so much

iron fan

When writing the project, however, we found two connoisseurs of DC since they wrote LEGO Batman: The Movie companion. Both writer and director Sam Levine spread their love of the comics publisher mythology which is felt in many references. Started the music where Steve Jablonsky (composer of five transformers) captures the themes of Superman by John Williams and the Batman by Danny Elfman.

The imagination of Superman by Richard Donner has been reused several times, such as the holograms on Krypton similar to those in the cult feature film of 1979. These elements are reintroduced in Krypto and the Super Animals aimed at a completely different audience than children, because they ask to know the previous superhero films to understand their logic. Finally, we clearly found it nods to the comics like Kal-El’s outfit from the comic the kingdom is comingor a tribute to the helmet of the first Flash.

Krypto and the Super Animals: photoJustice will await the morning walk

This desire to offer a generous film for superhero lovers can be seen especially in the fight scenes. Inventive choreographies take us, for example, to a circular journey whose scope surrounds the Justice League in full confrontation. The credibility of the exchanges of defeated strikes owes a lot to the pleasant violence according to a iron man with these four-legged heroes drawn on buildings, before striking a pose worthy of the comics. Moments of courage that are more impressive than some products of the genre (such as those from the studio that begins with “M” and ends with “arvel Studios”).

However, when the bright atmospheres, the reflections of the lasers and the backgrounds of the matte painting are amazing, technically Krypto and the Super Animals not perfect. The studio behind the animation of the feature film, Animal Logic (The LEGO Great Adventure), especially showing the weaknesses of its characters’ textures that seem as smooth as toys. A rather annoying drawback when the characters are furry animals.

Just Krypto and the Super-Animals instead fulfills its role of good family entertainment where a parent does not feel held hostage by his children. The film does not claim to be the superheroic summer blockbuster, but is well positioned as a UFO-friendly project along the lines of LEGO Batman: The Moviewhich moved the big DC names to better pay homage to them.

Krypto and the Super Animals: Official Poster

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