Clara Matéo, Les Bleues striker and civil engineer

He is currently the only player in the French team who has a job outside of football. Paris FC attacker, Clara Matéo is also an engineer in life. Image of the number 10 of the France team, one of the revelations of this Euro.

Since the start of Euro 202, it has given the impression of seeing spaces and intervals where there are none. Always tough, with a large amount of play and an unusual passing quality, Clara Matéo (24) has taken an important place in this French team, used as a luxurious substitute of Corinne Deacon. After a period of acclimatization, he thrived with the Blues and it showed. A trajectory that parallels his work as an engineer, making him the only player in the group to do this dual project.

With confidence comes performance

Like Les Bleues, he arrived at Arkema. First through an internship as part of his course, then on a permanent contract from March 2021 (the first high-level athlete to be part of the company) after graduating from Polytech Paris-Saclay. The Paris FC striker is an integral part of a team where he holds the position of “business developer” in the sports market. He works part-time (40%), his company arranges his schedule according to his sport deadlines.

“If you listen to what is said about him in the world of football, it is the same for us. He came to the team cautiously but once integrated, he is very comfortable and really tries to do well and do his job. . Very strict, he follows the clients with great attention. He is very positive and he loves what he does, his work is very important to him. An anecdote: during his first meetings with his customers, he was stressed when “Okay!” remembers François Si Tanguy, his sports market manager at Arkema. A job that contributes to his daily balance.

At Les Bleues, he received his first call-up in August 2018 (15 caps, 2 goals). Many interesting tests but Corinne Deacon was not completely convinced at the beginning, sometimes regretting a shyness of her player (first choice on November 27, 2020). And then over time Matéo settled in this group, and gained confidence. There are interesting performances in the period leading up to the explosion of this Euro.

Author of two decisive passes, and the joy of the outside leg for Kadidiatou Diani who brought the penalty in the quarter-finals, he is now decisive: “He has a very good vision of the game, always able in search. went through the interval that hurt the opponent a lot. From this point of view, she has made great progress compared to previous years. Since the start of the competition, Clara has been really decisive in her entries but also when he started,” said Parisian striker Kadidiatou Diani.

Involvement and a sense of collectiveness

In the follow-up of his office files, he never put a high level of sporting facet on his clients. “Sometimes I tell him to explain to his client that he is going to Clairefontaine next week! I think that’s a good excuse, and then we pass the files to each other,” continued François Tanguy. If during the gatherings of the season, Clara Matéo maintains a little contact with his team when he is in Clairefontaine so as not to be left behind in his current missions, this time he cuts to focus only on the Euro .

Like his company, his sense of the collective and his involvement is sure of the French team. Even if he breaks the screen in this Euro, do not believe that he will put himself forward: “It is true that I am on a good streak, that I feel good, better and better. But after when I said this, whatever role is given to me, whoever scores, whoever makes the pass, the main thing is that the French team wins, he recalled that “I will play my card perfectly, I will be there for the teammates. We all work in training, we all deserve to play. It doesn’t matter which 11 starts or which players come on. It’s really collective going forward and we’re all going in the same direction.”

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