A new skid by Viktor Orban has angered the Auschwitz committee

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The international committee on Auschwitz said on Tuesday it was “horrified” after the Hungarian Prime Minister’s comments against “mixed races”. On the same day, Zsuzsa Hegedus, a sociologist who has advised Viktor Orban for almost twenty years, resigned criticizing “a purely Nazi text worthy of Goebbels”.

A speech that does not pass. The international committee of Auschwitz expressed their anger, Tuesday, July 26, following the words of Viktor Orban, during a trip to Romanian Transylvania. anger is not. The Prime Minister’s intervention, “a pure Nazi text”, also prompted a government adviser to resign.

In Romanian Transylvania, where there is a large Hungarian community, Viktor Orban, known for his anti-immigrant policy, strongly affirmed his rejection of a “multi-ethnic” society. “We don’t want to be a homogenous race”, mixing with “non-Europeans”, he said.

Countries “where European and extra-European people live together are no longer countries. These countries are nothing but conglomerates of people”, further launched the 59-year-old Prime Minister , which made similar statements in the past but did not use the term “race”, according to experts.

He also apparently directed the gas chambers to reject Brussels’ plan to cut Europe’s gas demand by 15%. “I don’t see how they can force the Member States to do this, even if there is German knowledge in this area, as shown in the past,” he joked.

The international committee on Auschwitz said on Tuesday that it was “horrified” after these statements against “mixed races”, calling on the European Union to “distance itself from such racist feelings “. The speech of the nationalist leader, “stupid and dangerous”, reminded the survivors of the Holocaust of “the dark times of their own isolation and persecution”, reacted Christoph Heubner, vice-president of the organization, in a statement sent in AFP.

He called on Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, who hosted Viktor Orban on an official visit to Vienna on Thursday, to stand up for the EU. We must “make the world understand that Mr. Orban has no future in Europe”, whose ideals he “knowsly denies”.

“Shameful position”, “unacceptable” ideas

Rarely in the Orban era, Zsuzsa Hegedus, a sociologist who has advised the Hungarian Prime Minister for a long time, also submitted her resignation on Tuesday. In a letter broadcast by the Hungarian media hvg.hu, someone who claims “a friendship of almost 20 years” with Viktor Orban, criticized “a shameful position” and “a pure text of the Nazi worthy (Joseph) Goebbels” – reference to the former propaganda chief of Nazi Germany.

Saying “regret for a bad statement”, Zsuzsa Hegedus pointed to a speech by the Hungarian Prime Minister “which is against all (his) basic values”. And to continue for Viktor Orban’s attention: “I don’t know how you didn’t realize that you turned your anti-migrant and anti-European (speech) into a pure Nazi text worthy of Goebbels (… ).I cannot, because of the seriousness of the facts, even after our friendship of almost 20 years, ignore this time.”

In response, Viktor Orban emphasized his government’s “zero tolerance policy when it comes to anti-Semitism and racism”, according to a letter made public. “You cannot seriously accuse me of racism after 20 years of collaboration,” he defended himself.

The Hungarian Jewish community also rose up earlier this week. “Many different species live on our planet. On two legs, working, talking and sometimes thinking, only one species lives on this earth: Homo Sapiens Sapiens. This race is one and indivisible, “the chief that rabbi wrote on Facebook. , Robert Frolich.

In the political class, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Bogdan Aurescu, considered such “ideas” “unacceptable”.

As for the European Commission, it says “do not comment on comments made by European politicians”. “What is clear is that the EU has many values ​​included in the treaties and it implements policies related to these values ​​and these articles of the agreement”, satisfied reaction of the spokesman Eric Mamer, asked during the usual press briefing.

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