Tomorrow is here: what awaits you in episode 1237 on Tuesday July 26, 2022 [SPOILERS] – TV News Series

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Paul is in the crosshairs of the police, Dorian is worried about his parents. Judith refused to slow down.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow belong to us broadcast tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Tuesday July 26 Tomorrow we…


Samuel, Victoire, Anne-Marie and Soraya were targeted by a shooter. Finally, a horse was hit and the Beddiar woman seemed to dislocate her shoulder when she fell from her mount. Paul, who must have heard the shot, rushed to meet them and indicated the direction to follow to leave the place as soon as possible. Since the horse was losing a lot of blood, Paul decided to stay by his side until the vet arrived.

Samuel warned, the police were quickly dispatched to the scene. After combing the area, Damien rejected the accident hypothesis. According to him, that is why the group was targeted. And while Shadow was in the stable during the events, the track was dropped on Victor Brunet.

At the hospital, Victoire informs Soraya that her shoulder is fine and she can go out in the sun. Shortly after that, Anne-Marie also came to hear from the young woman. Confused, Anne-Marie explained to her granddaughter that she couldn’t find her bag. Although he admitted that he got a little lost in the corridors of the establishment, he was sure that he had his bag with him. A few seconds later, a nurse came to give him his bag that he found at the foot of the coffee machine in the interns room. However, Anne-Marie did not remember going there.

While she was worried, Victoire trusted Samuel. In fact, he believed that Anne-Marie had a transient ischemic attack that could have caused the neurological deficit. If there is any doubt, he therefore intends to subject her to an MRI. For Samuel, the one who shot them was the same as the arsonist. He may not know who to blame, but Dr. Chardeau never thought for a second that Diane might shoot him. They were soon interrupted by Renaud who asked his son to take the stud as soon as possible. Only, Samuel opposes this and then determines that he has no desire to let a psycho dictate to him what he should do.

Not far from there, Soraya’s horse was saved. Since the vet recovered the bullet, Georges sent it to the lab for analysis. For his part, Damien discovers the lid of a box of anxiolytics as well as a horseshoe that may belong to the shooter’s mount.

Back at the station, Damien is at work. Once he examined the most interesting elements found in the area, the police unfortunately did not have fingerprints on the cover or anything conclusive on the horseshoe. However, the bullet that the vet got was from a 24 caliber hunting rifle. While almost no weapons of this type are listed in the department, a rifle of this caliber is registered in the name of Solange, Renaud’s sister. A stud staff member may shoot the group and indeed, Paul and Diane are placed at the top of the list of prime suspects.

A stone’s throw away, Paul is looking wistfully at old stud photos when the police burst in and demand to see Solange’s rifle. Then Paul took them to the place where it was kept but it disappeared. In fact, the padlock was forced. Afterwards, Paul takes Georges and Damien to the stables, who notice that Paul’s horse is missing a shoe…


Dorian noticed that there was concern between his mother and father. Since she fears that all this has to do with the fact that he does not have a baccalaureate, Bénédicte proves that it has nothing to do with him and makes him believe that Etienne left the boat because he misses the sea.

Later, Étienne went to his house to get his computer cable. Bénédicte then jumped at the chance to talk to him in hopes of overcoming this difficulty. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to let go of his infidelity and even thinks it’s wiser to tell their son the truth so he can understand why their family is broken.

At the same time, Dorian told Camille about the problems that his parents are currently facing. For him, if they can’t live together anymore, it means that their story is over. Seeing that she hurt him, Camille immediately apologized to him and clarified that she only told him so that he could prepare for the event. However, Dorian is convinced that his parents will not separate.

Afterward, William went to hear from his sister that he was not well. Touched, she explains to him that she ruined everything. When William offered to talk to Étienne, Bénédicte refused, believing that he needed time. After she thanked William for coming for her, she hugged him to comfort him while making sure that things would finally work out.


Since Noa’s death, Judith drowned her grief in work. Tired, he felt dizzy. Since she hadn’t eaten anything this morning, Jordan urged her to go home to rest but the young woman didn’t believe it because she had a lot of things to do. However, the Delcourt woman swears that she is good and strong.

Finally, Judith went to the hospital to be examined. Although his blood sugar is perfect, his blood pressure is quite low. Certain that she was on the verge of burnout, Marianne prescribed her a break. If Judith wants to continue working at the farmhouse, she must save herself. Her stubborn granddaughter, Marianne has an idea to decompress her.

A few hours later, Marianne and Chloé arrived at the farmhouse in their beachwear and took Judith away. The girls of Delcourt went to a spa where they planned to spend a few days. While they were enjoying the pool, Chloe and Marianne did not hesitate to look at the men in the scene.

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