“The sick anti-Zionism of the extreme left”

FIGAROVOX/CHRONICLE – About forty deputies from four leftist groups in the Assembly co-signed a motion for a resolution calling for the condemnation of “Israel’s institutionalization of an apartheid regime”. For the lawyer, the left has a problem dealing with anti-Semitism.

Gilles-William Goldnadel is a lawyer and essayist. Every week, he translates the news for FigaroVox.

I will not give myself the irony of discussing the resolution calling for a boycott of Israel, which was filed by thirty-eight representatives of this extreme left, for lack of naming it, inspired by an imaginary Islamo-leftism, invented seemingly from scratch by the far right.

In principle, I would not argue against anti-Semitism if I felt it in my educated flesh.

If I knew the disqualifying insult – nazism or apartheid – the documented argument was deliberately substituted.

If I see an extreme anger, such as the filing of a resolution, all business will stop, just a few days after their election, while France is struggling with great and urgent difficulties.

If an unequal double standard is applied to the individual Jew or the Jewish State, while one turns a blind eye to the Islamic terrorism that killed Israel – Palestine Jews or seven hundred Christians in the last three months in Nigeria quietly.

When in the end the status of the Jewish people was considered the same as the Jews of the states.

I know very well who I have to deal with. And I won’t argue.

The double and sad interest of this new leftist parliamentary clowning is to note once again that anti-Semitism, in France, is essentially composed of the extreme left in its most dangerous political or intellectual manifestations.

And that this leftist anti-Semitism fits perfectly with the image of the fallen Jew, hated yesterday by the far right.

This left-wing Palestinianism, which blindly supports the Arab narrative of Palestine, is just an avatar of Islamo-leftism.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

In general, my reader knows very well that the fight I led against the dangers of an extreme left treated with too much indulgence was my first fight.

In this context I have just published, with the intention of provoking the debate, a Handbook of Resistance to Far-Left Fascism.

Of course, in a chapter, I would like to make a special reference to the pathological anti-Zionism of the extreme left, which, in my opinion, is one of the clearest manifestations of its fascist drift.

Before explaining that this left-wing Palestinianism, which blindly supports the Arab narrative of Palestine, is only an avatar of Islamo-leftism, I would like to write that it is entirely possible to be sensitive to the Palestinian Arab cause that not a Palestinian.

I have always maintained that the Arabs of Palestine have a good file which they regretfully sacrificed on the altar of an Islamo-nationalism closed to any territorial compromise.

All the remaining Israeli governments from the Fathers to Barak will propose to the representatives of the Arabs of Palestine to control almost all the disputed territories, including the part of Jerusalem – East.

Ending a State for the Jewish people in the smallest part of a territory they consider theirs for historical-religious reasons, interests them more than creating another Arab-Muslim state in a territory that coveted by two competing peoples. legitimate right.

This deploration of the loss of a partner for a definitive peace through a territorial compromise that requires both, certainly does not make me forget the frustration of the Israeli political personnel, recruited by an electoral system with full proportional representation that is criminogenic.

But even the most enlightened of Israeli politicians will not be able to heal an Islamic-Palestinian irredentism attracted by terrorist and anti-Semitic violence that, precisely, far-left Palestinians look on with glee. .

Therefore, the extreme left shows kindness to the terrorist movement that originates from the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, fundamentally and officially anti-Semitic, which regularly sends missiles to Israel, while it looks at the replication of the Israeli democratic state with an extremely infinite boundary.

For the first, highest indulgence and mercy; for the second, hatred and indifference to its inhabitants.

This left that does not care about the fate of the Jews in Israel is like the water that does not care about the French Jews who were massacred by native or imported Islamists.

I have come to mutant anti-Semitism, as I have described it the New Breviary of Hate (Ramsey 2001).

Far-right fascists abhor the stereotype of the spineless, stateless Moth Jew. Far-left fascists abhor the stereotype of the nationalistic and disobedient Jew.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

It must be understood that in the Islamic-leftist consciousness, the most fanatical of the Palestinian Arabs is lovable because he embodies diversity and the Israeli Jew is hateful because he defends the borders of a nation-state. wearing a beret.

Let’s go further: while the extreme does not worship the expelled Jew wearing striped pajamas, it sees the Israeli defending himself as a white square.

Far-right fascists abhor the stereotype of the spineless, stateless Moth Jew. Far-left fascists abhor the stereotype of the nationalistic and disobedient Jew.

“Tell me how you are, I’ll tell you how much I hate you”says the eternal anti-Semite to the Jew of today.

With the help of this vivid description of an anti-Semitic virus that has mutated through Jewish history, we can understand that those in France without hesitation faced the accusations of a family of delinquent than the statements of the French police they accused. of being systemic racists, it’s exactly the same that sees no harm in Hamas’s blind bombing of the Israeli population but sees a bad obligation to retaliate by targeting terrorists but at the risk of reaching the civilians deliberately used as shields.

So under the influence of this ideology, which is not known for its subtlety, that in France, the PCF, the Insoumis or some ecologists of political defeat have given birth to this viral Islamo-leftism, like the deadly ideological passion as which is significant. election requirements.

This is how Mélenchon has always supported the anti-Semite Corbyn. This is also the head of insubordinate France, David Guiraud (signatory of the aforementioned parliamentary resolution) who, last May, did not hesitate on Twitter to believe that young Jews danced with joy at the sight of the mosque. . Only two trees are burning. firebrand. However, from Ilan Halimi to Mireille Knoll, going through the hyperkosher and Mohammed Merah, the danger of Islam for French Jews is not speculation or fantasy.

But one cannot understand this deviation of political Islamo-leftism without noticing the associations or excesses of the media of the last decade.

At the media level, Palestinianism benefits from a firepower parallel to the Islamic-leftist ideological matrix.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

Therefore, Amnesty International, which specifically accused Israel against the overwhelming factual evidence of apartheid practices, is no longer a respected organization that once had the noble goal of freeing prisoners imprisoned for political reasons.

Amnesty is now a left-leaning NGO fighting in favor of illegal migrants and its new president has disgraced himself by passing, on social networks, false information accusing Israel that Arafat was poisoned, that even the widow of this last, Souha, did. not support…

At the media level, Palestinianism benefits from a firepower parallel to the Islamic-leftist ideological matrix.

The same newspapers that developed the theme of a racist French police, logically, supported the tendency towards unlimited severity for one and unlimited extravagance for the Other.

So, to take only the most baroque example, that the world (who also officially supported Corbyn against Johnson in an editorial) now regularly publishes one-sided articles by an activist journalist, Clothilde Mraffko, who, at the same time, in a journal Middle East Eye , funded according to The galleryof the Muslim Brotherhood, accused the Zionists of destroying Palestine by planting trees and draining swamps.

The disgraceful resolution of the misguided parliamentarians is only the last avatar without major consequences of this political and media Islamic leftism whose frivolous moral arrogance cannot be seen on the face.

I see that the organized Jewish community wants to criticize this.

Let those who have been screaming in the desert for so long that the danger is not the specter of the far right but the far left of media majesty, grumble that it is better late than never.

But it was all too late for the French Jews.

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