“Let’s open the Games”: Paris 2024 unveils Olympic Games slogan

Just two years from the opening of the 2024 Olympic Games, the organizing committee (Cojo) revealed its slogan. After the “made for sharing” stage of candidacy, Paris 2024 is now the launch of an invitation to the whole world with an interesting “Let’s open the Games”, the new message that will be shown now everywhere. “A slogan is used to share with the public a dynamic, an atmosphere, it is also a way to sum up our project,” says Julie Matikhine, brand director.

This slogan was created within the brand and event management teams (the same ones that work, in particular, on the opening ceremony and the mascot). “We ask ourselves what are the main marks of Paris 2024, continues the director. Although it is the opening of the marathon to the general public, the Paris 2024 club, which unites the French we promise to can participate in the Games with us, or even the opening ceremony in the heart of the city, and the opening of the territories through the Terre de Jeux program, we want to organize the Games for the benefit of as many people as possible. slogan also responds to a “desire for non-standards, disruption and new things”: faster, higher, stronger, more inspired, more inclusive, more daring, more rhythmic, more fraternal.

The 10 important dates of the Olympics

  • Wednesday July 24: Start of the football tournament. To open Kylian Mbappé and the French team?
  • Friday July 26: The opening ceremony on the Seine, which promises to be grand, will officially launch the Games.
  • Sunday July 28: The day of the double for Romain Cannone? Sacred to Tokyo, the French swordsman will be the big favorite in Paris.
  • Tuesday July 30: Clarisse Agbégnénou also had a double dream. The judoka is on deck at – 63 kg.
  • Friday August 2: King Teddy on the tatami mats. With a fourth gold medal in sight?
  • Saturday August 3: Alaphilippe, Pinot, Bardet… what if a Frenchman became Olympic road cycling champion for the first time?
  • Sunday August 4: The end of Kevin Mayer’s decathlon and the queen event of the men’s 100m, a day to experience at the Stade de France.
  • Monday August 5: Armand Duplantis on his way to the heights of pole vault competition?
  • Saturday August 10: A marathon for everyone in the morning, the men’s basketball final for a snack and a football final with Kylian Mbappé’s Blues in the evening? We were already salivating.
  • Sunday August 11: The handball final, and the dream of a fourth Olympic title for the French team before the closing ceremony.

“This is an invitation to the whole world to come and experience new emotions, together. Our Games are the promise of new experiences and thrills. New disciplines, competitions outside the walls in the heart of Paris, a unique opening ceremony on the Seine, the marathon for everyone, so that everyone can run this legendary Olympic event, such as athlete”, pointed out the organizing committee.

Thus Paris 2024 opens “Sports in different forms”, with 11 themes, around the main cursors of the project:

  • Opening of sports territories and federations, through the program Terre de Jeux.
  • Open the best playgrounds to allow athletes to perform, with surfing in Tahiti, “on the most beautiful wave in the world”.
  • Open the unique, by offering an opening ceremony on the Seine.
  • Open the concept of games outside the walls, by creating ephemeral arenas in the heart of the city.
  • Open to disability, break down barriers and open our arms to welcome any kind of difference.
  • Opening of Seine-Saint-Denis, giving the youngest department of France a special place in the dynamics of the Games.
  • Open to the French, by inviting them to go behind the scenes of the biggest event, through Club Paris 2024.
  • Unlock new sports, with the introduction of Breaking Games, attract a new community.
  • Open the challenges of our time, with the topics of parity and the environment.
  • Open sports practice, make children want to play sports.
  • Open events by offering, for the first time, a marathon open to all.

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